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30 December 2011

Out With The Old & In With The New?

So, Are you ready for the year 2012? Ready or not, it is coming!
We do not know what the new year will hold for all of us. We could plan for it and hope that it will go that way?  Do you make resolutions? I used to but gave up doing them, most of them were futile and far reaching.

I used to smoke and finally quit but it was never a resolution. It was something that I finally decided that I needed to do for myself, just for me. That was nearly 6 years ago! What will be new for me now? I have made some adjustment in the way I shop for groceries and the way I eat. This is not for a way to lose weight but it will help that in a long run. I am choosing to cut out or cut back on things that are high in carbohydrates, such as white pasta, white sugar, white breads, etc. I am not diagnosis diabetic but if I do not make adjustments now, it is possible. So I have changed with what I pick to buy and eat. It sounds rough to be without those yummy things but I did not look at it that way. For pasta (by the way, I live on this stuff!), instead of depriving myself, I choose the whole wheat or spinach pasta! The potatoes are now sweet potatoes or yams! I am in heaven with the breads! There are more flavors of other breads than white! You got whole wheat, pumpernickel, rye and more but not the potato bread or rolls! So, what about sugar? That is easy! There are raw sugar! Honey is good along with molasses, brown sugar and more. Sure, these things cost a bit more and in comparison, cheaper than medical care!

Next project for me to work on, beside my personal better health, is the health of my home! My home is in sad ways and it has been for some time now. I have reach the point in my life, in spite of my physical health (my back is steadily getting worse, but that is for another time to talk about) that I need to pull myself out of this funk. It has been a long dragging down funk which is bad for my personality! The happy and go lucky one. It make take me this whole coming new year for me to accomplish my goal... not resolution! I need to get my home back into the healthy home that it needs to be! It is my doing that caused my happy home turn into a stuff and disorganized home. My craft room is so disorganized that many of my, yes MY craft things have taken over the entire home! I have this project on the dining table, by the way I cannot see the table nor the few chairs with stacks of fabrics and more projects on them. Hey, my living-room hold a bit of my craft stuff and yet another project. I got some pile of things on my dresser too. Even Douglas' poor office is not safe from my clutter! All of this clutter has made me feel bad. It is over whelming! The past few days, I have mentally plan on how and where to start. The thinking of the clutter has weighed me down. My brain is screaming ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It, the clutter is holding back my creativity. Creativity is where I grow but it is hampered for now. Okay! I am starting in few days, by going around all the rooms and claiming everything that belongs to me and the craft room. It will be a disaster to begin but it is a start!

I am deciding to be brave and take some before pictures, brave because this means that I will no longer be hiding within my home. On the outside of the home, no one sees within. I am looking forward to be full of sunshine within again! I'll post these at another day.

I need to do this! For me! So many things that I want to do! I have been held back far too long!

Would you like to meet the gal in those 
SMOKINHOT looking boots?

With that note, I would like to share something that would be totally wonderful for the coming year. Many of my readers know that I LOVE to attend the Palmetto Tatters' Guild 's Tat Day and any other Tat Days! I hope to teach a class or two. I also dream of my daughter Kyrstledawne from Kyrstledawne ~ Fine Lace Jewelry, to come to Palmetto's Tat Days held in Toccoa, GA.(Sept 7 & 8, 2012) I have lived here since 2004 and she has yet to see my home or the "South"! Wouldn't you Tatters also like to see and meet Krystle too? *gasps* Even Dr. Von Threadmore?  Maybe she.. err they would teach a class or two at Tat Days? Wouldn't you like that too? Well, I know for fact that she would like to come and be at Tat Days with us too but as many of you know, she is a busy stay-at-home mom of two cutie pie girls with limited funds. (Who isn't these days!) She will try to apply for teaching at Tat Days and maybe the Scholarship Fund too. The Scholarship Fund if granted would cover her room & board but NOT the travel fees. She said would come if there is a way! I am hoping that maybe my friends, readers and tatters would like help and contribute to the Dr. VonThreadmore's Traveling Fund! I have set up a "Fund Raiser" widget at the upper right hand corner for anyone... anyone and everyone who would like to partake in helping Krystle to make it to the Tat Days sponsored by the Palmetto Tatters Guild! The donations will be going to my paypal account and I will purchase her plane tickets as soon as the funds are there for it.I will create a list the gracious contributors by names only. I promise to keep a record for in case this plan does not workout for unseen reason and refund back. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Well, it is nearly 2012 and I wish y'all a better year!

Take care,

07 November 2011

...A Milestone! (psst...there is a giveaway too!)

Wow! The time sure flies by when you are not watching!
So many things have happened since my last post.

I mentioned about a milestone and it is about this post. you are reading my 100th post. I am very surprised! I mean, already?  Really?

Well with this revelation, I went back to read that first post to see what had happened?  It was the 12th of November in year 2006! Many of you may not have known because that post was originally on a blog that I created as Abigail's blog. Time went by and I didn't always keep it up to date for her. Later, I created this blog and I am fond of it.  I have gained many friends through it, learned a lot along the way! Then I had felt kind of sad that I did not continue with Abigail's blog because I felt it was abandoned and neglected. I became determined to do something about that, to find a way to bring that blog into this one. I did some reading and research. "There just had to be a way!"  YES! YES! I found the answer! It was basically doing a merge of the two blogs. I crossed my fingers, closed my eyes and prayed! With a hesitated click, I slowly opened my eyes and looked. It was all there, in chronology order! I was so relieved! Those yearly years with Abigail are just as special as the first year with Mr. Peabody!  If you would like to read that very first post, you can locate it here. This was about Abigail, when she first came into our lives!

A while back, I received a very special gift from Grandma. It is a treasure, a very special treasure. Grandma has made many, many, many wonderful things over the years with her talented hands. I am truly blessed to have many of those wonderful things. The treasure that was given to me is the most beautiful cozy sweater and Grandma knitted it ...just for me! I know that I will always and always love it and hold it dearly in my heart. Grandma is 92! She is an amazing lady and I am blessed for being her first Grandchild!


Grandma sent me the left over yarn from the sweater. With it, I crocheted a Scandinavian Style Winter hat to go with my sweater. Yes, It can get cold enough here in the Georgia Mountains to warrant wearing this cozy hat! My ears will thank me then! After finishing my hat, I realized that there still was enough yarn to make another hat!  So, I did! Guess what I am going to do with it!

Since I am celebrating this milestone, I wanted to do something special for it! Hence the hat! I am doing a giveaway at my new blog for the reviews and giveaways! To get there and see, click here, to go to "And Here's My Two Cents..."

After this post, if you want to go to the blog from time to time, the link for it, is located at the top of the blog below the header. All you need to do is click!

I'll be back to blog some more in few days with things that I have gotten in the mail!
Till then, take care!

26 September 2011

...The "Upcoming" Palmetto Tatters Guild's 10th Annual Tat Days!

Are you ready yet?
My heart is!
Mentally, I think I am ready. 
Physically? I am not ready!
Palmetto Tatters Guild will be making a milestone in the year 2012! 
They... we will be celebrating our tenth ...yep, TENTH, annual Tat Days!

I am already making plans for that Tat Days!
My mind is spinning with ideas and plans!

I love meeting all the other tatters.
I love learning more with tatting.
I love the location, not because it is in "MY" town
But because it is beautiful there.

I sat at the dining tables mostly
That were located beside the picture windows.

The view is breath taking.
The lake, 
The trees hugging it,
The ripples in the water washing away the tension,

picture from Palmetto Tatters Guild's website

Goals planned for this year in preparation for PTG's Tat Days 2012
  • submit few teaching applications to teach
  • harass KrystleDawne a.k.a. Dr. Von Threadmore to attend the said Tat Days
  • create at least one beautiful "Auction" item (to support their Scholarship program)
  • make things for the Silent Auction (to support their Scholarship program)
  • beg Krystle Dawne to come
  • make thank you gifts for teachers
What are your goals for the next Tat Days?

Oh! By the way, the Palmetto Tatters Guild's 10th Annual Tat Days is September 7-8, 2012 in Toccoa Georgia.... come by Air, Train and Car!

And the theme this coming year is "Blast from the Past"

I'll see YOU there!!

22 September 2011

...Special Announcement to Tatters Everywhere!

Friday, September 23, 6:00 to 6:30pm (EST)
Guinness Book of World Records and Facebook
One exciting thing we hope to achieve this year at Tat Days is to get in the Guinness Book of World Records! Yes! Friday afternoon, between 6 and 6:30 (EST), we will all be tatting the same pattern at the same time-making snowflakes. We will be using our Tat Off! Pattern. When searching the Guinness Records, we found 0 entries for tatting. We will be the first! And the world will know tatting is NOT a lost art!
(Note: In the end, it will be up to the Guinness folks to accept our numbers. We have done the paperwork and have a local person to certify. We will see.)

IF you would like to JOIN IN in the FUN, find Palmetto Tatters on Facebook or LIVE video at Add a comment or check our Chat. Let us know you are with us including by using a name when you sign into the live stream and telling your location by state and/or country. Take a picture, too, if you want. (Watch out for the ADS on should work on laptops, tablets and iPhones.
HELP SPREAD THE WORD: Tweet it. Blog it. Post it.Friday, September 23, 2011, Palmetto Tatters Guild on Facebook or, 6 to 6:30 EST. Pattern at Comment or Chat with us. Let us know your location by country. How far can we reach?
Note: Please forgive us if this technology does not work but know we have tested it and are going to give it our best shot. Thanks.


20 September 2011

...Sunshine Can Travel!

Yesterday my mailbox looked very bright after the mailman delivered some mail 
and a package from Cottonelle.

 I got one of those cover for the "nekkid" toilet paper roll for free.
 I was going to post the site for  y'all to try get your own
but I saw that they ran out of that promotion. 

I got the one in the middle

But that was not the brightest thing from my mailbox.
This was! (below)

Isn't that the most wonderful Sunshine that you have ever seen... lately?
This was a surprise for me and I am truly blessed by this beautiful tatted cross!

Another sweet Tatter on this Earth!
If you know a gal named Lily
and has a blog called The Eye Candy for Crafters.
She is the one!!!! What a sweet surprise with a lovely sweet note!

Lily, Thank you! 
You have no idea that my world is upside and this lovely gift
is perfect timing with a reminder that all will BE okay!
(Because HE is in complete control)

14 September 2011

...A Discount on The "ONS" for Those Going To Palmetto Tatters Guild's Tat Days 2011

I have a special offer for anyone who will be attending the Palmetto Tatters Guild's 9th Annual Tat Day on September 23-24, 2011 in Toccoa, GA.

$2.00 off each shuttles and free shipping

The special offer is on all of my "ONS" tatting shuttles at my Etsy shop... click here, $2.00 off each shuttles and free shipping (I'll bring them to the Tat Days for delivery!) Find the shuttle that you like, then contact me from that page, telling me that you would like to purchase that shuttle(s) and then I will set up that for you to purchase at sale price and no shipping cost. Then I'll contact you via Etsy. Please leave me your name in the contact message, so I know who to find at the Tat Days for personal delivery!

This offer is good for those who pay on Etsy. First Come, First Served.

It is not too late to go to this Tat Days if you haven't decided to go yet!
For all the information go here: Palmetto Tatters Tat Days 2011  but hurry..the time is getting close!

Thank You and I hope to see many of you there!
Any questions? Please ask  :o)

11 September 2011

...Shuttles Flying Around Here!

I have been having so much fun lately with dressing up the poor nekkid tatting shuttles!
(For the story about "ONS", the once nekkid shuttles click here )

I dressed up so many of them... 17 of them in fact!
I try real hard to do my part in this world, dressing up the nekkids!

They are fashionable in many colors!

Some even make a statement!

Some even go wild!
(this one below has been sold)

Some like to be subtle! 


Some are fruity!

And these are just few of the examples of the latest fashion in the world of  "ONS"!
All of these and other ONS can be found at my Etsy Shop!

I have also been busy with tatting! I been tatting up butterflies and they are taking over!
But a gal gotta pay up her dues! My dues for the tatting guild that I belong to!

The Palmetto Tatters Guild use these "dues" for sharing with the public at the South Carolina State Fair while they demonstrate tatting. I am so excited that PTG's tat days are coming up soon! I am going! I miss my new friends from last year and it will be wonderful to catch up with them again. In case you might know, we have men that also attend to the Tat Days. I know one guy by the name of John who is amazing (to me) in his tatting work! I gained a number of new sisters through tat days and they have become dear to me. We all have our own style of tatting and all are beautiful! I have been tatting non stop since a year ago. I am thrilled with my own ability and see how far I have gone. Now, I am personalizing my own style. I am a BIG fan of the "period" tattings which is one shuttle only, rings chain work! I love it!!!

Well, I best get back to the butterflies... there is never too many! 

02 September 2011

...I Love Rainbows and One Arrived!

I love this and all other rainbows!
photo by 

I love them! They come in many variations! 
A box of crayons, tie-dyes,  foods, clothing, stationary, cars, houses, flowers. 
The list goes on and on...

and I love them all!

Yesterday a large box arrived at my door. It was a hefty weight.
I already knew what the box contained before opening it.
There in my box waiting for me to open was my rainbow!

My Rainbow! Look! I'm in heaven!

Calicoes! More calicoes! My rainbow!

My Hubby is the greatest! My rainbow! FABRIC! 
I'm in heaven! I am going to be sewing! Yes, I am!

What will I sew?

Aren't these rainbows beautiful?

Calicoes! Flowers!

So pretty! I will be wearing these!

All the delightful colors! All mine!
(Yes, I am an only child)
Mine! Mine.. mine!!!

Happy Flowers! Beautiful Flowers!

Colors for all seasons! 
I love cotton!
I love rainbows!

Yes, I love them!

 I am happy to be a girl!

So, what will these beautiful fabrics become?

Oh, did I mention that each of these rainbows are 6 yards?

Yes! All of them SIX yards each!!!

Simple pleasures!

Mine!!! All of it!!! Mine!!!

So, would y'all like to know what will become of these?

Dresses!!! I LOVE wearing dresses.
 Every single day, I love to wear them!
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
 and... yes even on Sundays!

This is the pattern that I will sewing!!!
Dresses! Such beautiful dresses!

I love frilly and girly dresses!
I'm such a girl!

Thank You to my Hubby and my Lord for these rainbows!

22 August 2011

...Naturally Nora All Natural Baking Mixes!

A wee while back, I entered a giveaway for Naturally Nora Baking Mixes on Sugar Pop Ribbons' blogs.
and thought nothing more about this until I received an email announcing that I am the lucky winner!
I once again thought nothing more ...until the PostMan ...or was it The UPS Guy? that had arrived up my driveway with a fairly large parcel addressed to me. I think that my mind has taken a vacation without my permission! I read the return label and was clueless of the sender... until I opened the said parcel!


This was my prize from the giveaway! All of THIS!
Three cake mixes, three frosting mixes, one sugar cookie mix and one brownie mix.
I was flabbergasted...all of this for Hubby and I to try! I was so excited that I had to bake something! 

BROWNIES! The first choice!
I opened the cardboard box and was very delighted to see that the mix was in a plastic bag!
(Sorry for the sideway picture, just tilt your head to the left for a better angle)
I was happy with the bag because lately my pantry 
and cupboards have been invaded by the itty bitty pain in the neck pesky bugs.
 (That's another story)
safe in the bag! Muwahahaha these are mine, ya hear lil buggies!

...the directions are very simple and easy to understand!

...mix in bowl,  olive oil (I only use olive oil for better health), two eggs
 plus water for ingredients. I had just what I needed for this taste test!

...whisks up nicely! No need to drag out the mixer, yay!

...pour into the pan that has been prepared with baking spray.

...ready to go in the pre-heated oven

...UT OH! I guess I didn't read the directions fully before beginning!
I thought I did, after all I preheated the oven and sprayed the pan, the size I had was on the directions
...BUT do you see what I saw too late? The Thickest size 8"x 8" glass pan (which I used) IS "NOT RECOMMENED"
OOOH SHOOT! Well, too late now,  I went ahead and baked it, crossed my fingers.
I baked it for 65 minutes and hoped for the best.

The kids were following me around the kitchen with their noses up in the air
and taking in the whiffs. They were under foot too! Kids these days!

...I washed these up quickly while the brownies were baking.
Four piece of equipment were used,  the bowl,  the whisk, the measuring cup and the spatula!
That was it!

DING! for ten minutes! (sighs) The waiting was almost unbearable!

The consensus of the taste testers... THUMBS UP!

We liked this, I liked mixing and baking this and I have learned an important lesson!
The directions are there on the box for a real good reason. I was fortunate that this brownie turned out fine.
The middle of the brownie was a weeeee bit under done but not gooey and raw.  So, I will make sure that my size of the pans are do-able with the direction.

Thank You Sugar Pop Ribbons and the makers of Naturally Nora for the giveaway. was mmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious! And healthy! Imagine brownies being healthy!!!

09 August 2011

...It's The Southern Thing

For those who know me, will eventually realize that I am not a Southern originally. My Hubby evens calls me Yankee, affectionately. Funny thing is I do not consider myself a Yankee. It is true that I was born in New York, please note that I did not mention city.  My Hubby is a native Georgian born gentleman.

Well, ever since moving to Georgia from Washington (I didn't say D.C.) seven years ago, there is a quote or phrase I hear often and I mean often. "It's the Southern thing". I have learn many differences of the Southern thing and it depends on who you talk to!

I ate enough Brunswick Stew to notice that there are different styles and this depends on "where" in the South! Among the locals and Southerners, they even debate about whose stew is the best or better. So, it is the Southern thing.

Then you have grits in the South and you can find it on nearly all menus! I like grits my way which is the Northern thing, with butter and maple syrup which I do for my oatmeal! The way my Hubby does it , is with butter and black pepper. I just don't want grits with my shrimp or other foods. I think of it for breakfast not lunch or dinner.

I love iced tea and tomatoes. The Southern way is iced SWEEEEEEEET tea and fried green tomatoes! I like the fried green tomatoes! In fact I really really like them! Now onto the sweet tea, I am not a fan of all that sweetness. It is soooooooo sweet that it is over powering for my taste but it is the Southern thing.

Now there is something that my Hubby does that it is considered as a Southern thing but he says not only is it a Southern thing, that is a Georgia thing. I did research this and no one can really verify the origin. I was told by my Hubby that this a treat.  I have over the years watched him drink his glass bottled Coca-Cola with peanuts. He adds peanuts into the bottle of his coke. That's right. I give a curious look every time. My friends and neighbors all say "Oh yeah, we do that". 

I get how it could be the Georgia thing with the state that grows peanuts and Coke is in Atlanta. It is has been so hot here and the thought of a refreshing cold glass bottle coke was all I could think about. I finally said to Hubby, "Okay! Enough is enough! I am going to try the Coca-Cola and peanuts". I just had to see whats the big deal was besides it being nostalgic for many of the Southerners!

You chill the glass bottles of Coke. Yes, it had to be glass bottles! Gotta do this right after all! You will also need a snack size package of salted peanuts. After opening the cokes, you carefully add the peanuts. Carefully because the coke gets really foamy and comes spilling out. I sipped the foam and added the rest of the peanuts. You drink the coke with the peanuts but before finishing the last swallow or two of the coke be sure that you ate all the peanuts or they'll be stuck in the bottle.

It was fine and interesting to me but I am still left with what's the big deal? I guess that it is a Southern thing. (((Shrugs))) Oh.. another Southern thing.. boiled peanuts! Now that I like!!

This is the Georgia thing said by Hubby!
If you have not done this, give it a try! 
A side note Coca-Cola is celebrating their 75th Anniversary!

To my friends and readers, especially the Southerner ones... I do not mean for my blog post to be of any offence to you or others. I love my friends and neighbors. I am just amused by the differences of our cultures and traditions and those differences enrich each one of us as individuals.