Out With The Old & In With The New?

So, Are you ready for the year 2012? Ready or not, it is coming!
We do not know what the new year will hold for all of us. We could plan for it and hope that it will go that way?  Do you make resolutions? I used to but gave up doing them, most of them were futile and far reaching.

I used to smoke and finally quit but it was never a resolution. It was something that I finally decided that I needed to do for myself, just for me. That was nearly 6 years ago! What will be new for me now? I have made some adjustment in the way I shop for groceries and the way I eat. This is not for a way to lose weight but it will help that in a long run. I am choosing to cut out or cut back on things that are high in carbohydrates, such as white pasta, white sugar, white breads, etc. I am not diagnosis diabetic but if I do not make adjustments now, it is possible. So I have changed with what I pick to buy and eat. It sounds rough to be without those yummy things but I did not look at it that way. For pasta (by the way, I live on this stuff!), instead of depriving myself, I choose the whole wheat or spinach pasta! The potatoes are now sweet potatoes or yams! I am in heaven with the breads! There are more flavors of other breads than white! You got whole wheat, pumpernickel, rye and more but not the potato bread or rolls! So, what about sugar? That is easy! There are raw sugar! Honey is good along with molasses, brown sugar and more. Sure, these things cost a bit more and in comparison, cheaper than medical care!

Next project for me to work on, beside my personal better health, is the health of my home! My home is in sad ways and it has been for some time now. I have reach the point in my life, in spite of my physical health (my back is steadily getting worse, but that is for another time to talk about) that I need to pull myself out of this funk. It has been a long dragging down funk which is bad for my personality! The happy and go lucky one. It make take me this whole coming new year for me to accomplish my goal... not resolution! I need to get my home back into the healthy home that it needs to be! It is my doing that caused my happy home turn into a stuff and disorganized home. My craft room is so disorganized that many of my, yes MY craft things have taken over the entire home! I have this project on the dining table, by the way I cannot see the table nor the few chairs with stacks of fabrics and more projects on them. Hey, my living-room hold a bit of my craft stuff and yet another project. I got some pile of things on my dresser too. Even Douglas' poor office is not safe from my clutter! All of this clutter has made me feel bad. It is over whelming! The past few days, I have mentally plan on how and where to start. The thinking of the clutter has weighed me down. My brain is screaming ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It, the clutter is holding back my creativity. Creativity is where I grow but it is hampered for now. Okay! I am starting in few days, by going around all the rooms and claiming everything that belongs to me and the craft room. It will be a disaster to begin but it is a start!

I am deciding to be brave and take some before pictures, brave because this means that I will no longer be hiding within my home. On the outside of the home, no one sees within. I am looking forward to be full of sunshine within again! I'll post these at another day.

I need to do this! For me! So many things that I want to do! I have been held back far too long!

Would you like to meet the gal in those 
SMOKINHOT looking boots?

With that note, I would like to share something that would be totally wonderful for the coming year. Many of my readers know that I LOVE to attend the Palmetto Tatters' Guild 's Tat Day and any other Tat Days! I hope to teach a class or two. I also dream of my daughter Kyrstledawne from Kyrstledawne ~ Fine Lace Jewelry, to come to Palmetto's Tat Days held in Toccoa, GA.(Sept 7 & 8, 2012) I have lived here since 2004 and she has yet to see my home or the "South"! Wouldn't you Tatters also like to see and meet Krystle too? *gasps* Even Dr. Von Threadmore?  Maybe she.. err they would teach a class or two at Tat Days? Wouldn't you like that too? Well, I know for fact that she would like to come and be at Tat Days with us too but as many of you know, she is a busy stay-at-home mom of two cutie pie girls with limited funds. (Who isn't these days!) She will try to apply for teaching at Tat Days and maybe the Scholarship Fund too. The Scholarship Fund if granted would cover her room & board but NOT the travel fees. She said would come if there is a way! I am hoping that maybe my friends, readers and tatters would like help and contribute to the Dr. VonThreadmore's Traveling Fund! I have set up a "Fund Raiser" widget at the upper right hand corner for anyone... anyone and everyone who would like to partake in helping Krystle to make it to the Tat Days sponsored by the Palmetto Tatters Guild! The donations will be going to my paypal account and I will purchase her plane tickets as soon as the funds are there for it.I will create a list the gracious contributors by names only. I promise to keep a record for in case this plan does not workout for unseen reason and refund back. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Well, it is nearly 2012 and I wish y'all a better year!

Take care,


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