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Happy 2nd Anniversary and Veteran's Day!

On this day, we celebrated Happy Veteran's Day and Happy 2nd Anniversary for being a family with Abigail!
We began the tradition of going to a park with a picnic basket, seeing Abigail would enjoy a day of outting and we enjoy it with her! This year we went to Henderson Falls Park located in Toccoa Georgia.

My Dad and I on a bridge over tha water.

My Dad and I going through a covered bridge
over the water. Mommy is behind us!

This was here in the woods.. kinda looks like dog house, but we dunno. I was checking it out.
..just checking to see any of the messages were for me! I got play in the playground. The sand felt different but nice.

Here I am with my Dad!

Now, I'm with Mommy!

This was a staircase that went way down to floor of the waterfall.

Mommy and I went down it. I didn't really like these stairs but I was very brave to go back up without any help!

Here I am, with Dad again. There's the waterfall! A better shot of the waterfall! I am ready for the picnic! I said I am ready …