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Nearly a Year!

In just one month, it will be our "One" year Anniversary with Abigail in our lives! On one hand, it seems impossible that it has been that long already, but on the feels like we always had Abigail in our lives!

We had quiet a busy day at the veterinarian today. Abigail met her Doctor for the first time! The reason for the vet visit is that it was time for Abigail to renew her rabies vaccination. While we were there, Abigail had her "check-up". All good! Healthy! 19.6 pounds! We had to do a bit of creative way to weigh her though! She was too rambuncious and too distracted by other dogs to even "sit" still on the scale! So... I picked Abigail up and we both went onto the floor style scale and weighed together. Then I passed Abigail to my husband and weighed myself alone, did the math and concluded Abigail's weight! The things we do for our pets!