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...I tatted a Poplar Leaf and finished it! (Part Two)

...As I was saying, The Quilt! It was raffled off. Gosh Darn Dang It! I am not the recipient of that lovely Crazy Quilt.

Please go to this link to read more about it!  Tat Days Scholarship Quilt
Then for more "detailed" photos of the quilt, go here: Detailed Block by Block of the quilt

The Quilt is breath-taking and beautiful. Each block contains tatted items!

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In the evening, we had a Night Owl class. I attended and sat in my chair. I stared blankly at the project. The class was lead by Riet Surtel-Smeulders.  I was overwhelmed from the day's activities and decided to head on to home.

Saturday morning came too soon! Early Bird Class! It was lead by Karey Solomon and we worked on the Poplar Leaf. I'd admit it was so early but am very glad to learn this cute leaf, as you saw on my blog previous to this.

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My first class on Saturday was "Half Ring Braid Bracelet" taught by Martha Ess. Yes, I had three classes by Martha. It was totally just the way it …

...I tatted a Poplar Leaf and finished it!

It has been some time since I last blogged about anything! Many things have happened and soon, I'll blog about some of those things, but as the subject line says! I tatted a Poplar Leaf and finished it!

On 26-28 of August 2010,  I was privileged to be able to attend The Palmetto Tat Days,  put on by an amazing group of people from The Palmetto Tatters Guild!

On Thursday afternoon, I arrived at The Georgia Baptist Conference Center located in Toccoa Georgia.
I got to meet the wonderful people early and poke my nose around the place. The location and the building is beautiful. The Center is situated by Lake Louise.

Friday morning came early for me! I was so excited to have this day begin! We had a filling breakfast at the Dining Hall. There was time for shopping in the Vender's Room. It contained our teachers' beautiful creations and products, all for sale! I bought two threads, one of Lizbeth's in the color 136-Autumn Spice, size 20 and the above mentioned DMC's.

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