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Abigail's Adventure at The Toccoa Falls

~ A long time has spanned since March. I went on a long trip to see my daughters. My oldest has blessed me with a beautiful granddaughter (which has made me the proudest "Nana") and my youngest was married. A month full of adventures! I was away from Abigail and my husband for a month. They fared well, but were happy to have me back. Many things have happened since my return and I was either too lazy to update this blogg or too busy catching up on things. I was unloading my digital camera and had forgotten about some pictures of Abigail's discovery... a turtle! I will load those on this blogg in few days.

The Toccoa Falls

~ Today, Abigail had her first adventure to the lovely Toccoa Falls! My husband and I are celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary and decided to see the falls again. It is always lovely to see. This was a new world of exploring for the adventurious beagle of ours! Abigail was a bit skiddish with exploring out. She would keep her body far back as possibl…