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...A Milestone! (psst...there is a giveaway too!)

Wow! The time sure flies by when you are not watching!
So many things have happened since my last post.

I mentioned about a milestone and it is about this post. you are reading my 100th post. I am very surprised! I mean, already?  Really?

Well with this revelation, I went back to read that first post to see what had happened?  It was the 12th of November in year 2006! Many of you may not have known because that post was originally on a blog that I created as Abigail's blog. Time went by and I didn't always keep it up to date for her. Later, I created this blog and I am fond of it.  I have gained many friends through it, learned a lot along the way! Then I had felt kind of sad that I did not continue with Abigail's blog because I felt it was abandoned and neglected. I became determined to do something about that, to find a way to bring that blog into this one. I did some reading and research. "There just had to be a way!"  YES! YES! I found the answer! It was basi…