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...Ahh The Memories of This Summer!

The Summer has passed and at times this early Autumn you wouldn't know it by the temperatures! The first half of October was still hot and humid! Then it was wintery cold in the evening time!

I have been taking that trip down the memory lane, particularly today.

Laundry were dried in the fresh air,  the scents of Heaven to my nose.

First time that my Wisteria bloomed in an abundance!  More scents from Heaven.

The battle between the Squirrel and the Beagle,  never ending!
More laundry for the fresh air,  Laundry never ending!
Quilt blocks made for the swap on MaryJanesFarm Connection, colorful to my eyes.

Kitchen Angel made for another swap on MJF!

Pine-needle baskets made from Nature.

My first Redwork on pillowcases... made for a barter!

A new addition to our family!

The harvest of juicy Blackberries!

I bagged these blackberries and put them into my freezer. Yesterday I was looking in the freezer for something and saw these beauties. I grab one bag and held them close to my heart and smiled. Thes…

...a box of Surprise Treasures!

Today I saw my Postal Lady go past my window and then my loud mouth Beagle doing her duty sounded the alarm "B'roooo b'rOOOOooo B'ROOOO".  I found a package addressed to me waiting outside of the storm door. I was perplexed because I recalled seeing the name of the giver but couldn't place her.. that is until I opened the treasure box (the package). Her cute kitty card revealed to whom she was! I met this wonderful "Farmgirl" from MaryJanesFarm Farmgirls Connection few months ago. She is Ruth!  Ruth, Kelly, Kristen and I had  a wonderful privilege of meeting MaryJane herself. We had delightful time!

Karrieann (Me!), Mary Jane, Kelly, Ruth and Kristin (not pictured) at Vinny's
Well anyways.. back to the treasures! I opened the treasure box after wrestling with the packing tape. I was too lazy to go and get the scissor or cutting thingy. My Hounds were trying to shove my hands out of their way... their way of their noses!  I got to see what the treas…

...Living with Hounds can get unbearable at times!

There are times that it can even get pathetic!

Look! I'll show you what I mean...

..awe   (gives belly rub)

...awwwweee (plays with the ears)

...awwwwwwwweeee (poor baby)

...aaaawwwwwwweeeee (poor boy)

...awwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeee (sleepy angel)

...awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeee (such a face)

.....aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeee (cutie patootie)

 ...aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeee ( those dang eyes!)

I just can't bear walking by these two and not rub them, pet them, awe them... I just can't not do it!  Tell me that you could after looking at them hound eyes! DON"T LOOK.. they'll hook you into their world.

..... Too late! I warned ya but nooooo you had to look!
This tend to create a problem for me... housework gets over-looked! It is much more fun to play with the Hounds!

I want you to know that these two are heaven-sent. I know they are! My Angels on Earth.

** Ezekiel 34:26
I will bless them and all the places surrounding my hill.
I will send down showers in season; 
there will b…

...Tatters Just Wanna Have Fun!

On the week-end of October 15th & 16th, Toccoa, Georgia had been raided by the people known as Tatters, just four of them! It could have been disastrous for the Toccoaians if there were more... They'd be over-run with Tatters! Just how knotty can that

These Tatters were just having FUN!!!!

The Tatters were indeed knotty! They consumed yummy dip with crackers, cashews & chocolates to ones content. *GASPED* They even partaken wine. That was after the fatal mishap! Yes! There was a horrible mishap.... BEFORE enjoying the wine! The most important tool to get the cork out of the bottle was forgotten... left behind miles away from the fun!

Good thing that I... yes me, only lived 3 minutes away and the FUN continued for the Tatters!  (There were NO drinking and driving involved,  we women knew how to have fun and STAY out of trouble.)

Please heed my advice when one plans for any amount of fun with yummy food and wine... Remember the cork screwer! 
I had so much fun with my new…

...My Tomatoes

This year was my first attempt in growing my own tomatoes. I had this large outdoor plastic pot that was just sitting with dirt and not being used. I got few "starters" of the Roma and Cherry tomatoes size and grouped them together in the pot. I had these white plastic fence screen that had disguised our A/C but was damaged (the screen) from a tree of ours that fell from a storm past year. I adjusted the screen to go around the tomato pot. Since there were holes all over the screens... over the growing season, I used some of my bamboo poles and slid them through, which created support for them 'maters!

This Lady built her traps near my tomatoes. She is very striking in her features and also in her web. She is known by many names. Yellow Garden Spider, Yellow garden argiope; yellow garden orb-weaver; golden garden spider; golden orb-weaver; the writing spider and also zig-zag spider because of her web design (although hard to see in this picture)

This was the very first tomato …

...the necessity of "blocking" your work!

... years ago, I have crocheted doilies and edgings and never blocked any of my creations. Why? Because I was lazy and took short cuts, that's why! Hey I was young and had more important things to do with my time... moving on to the next project!

Well They (by the way.. who is they?) say that one become wiser through experience and maturity as the years go by. I can truly say that I am uncertain about the maturity... but experience, oh yeah I learn from them!

I took short cuts in many things that I created over the years.... blocking was one of them! I did it in all of my quilting, crochet, knitting, cross-stitch. About ten years ago.. when I hit forty, I took different approach to my work! I actually took time to read instructions and tips provided for each craft. Hey, I "knew" everything back then!

I blocked my quilt blocks... My! Oh! My! They were actually squared! My! The whole quilt tops were straight! Such revelation! I just finished a doily that I tatted. It was a…

...the postman delivered a package... for my Hubby!

So? You say.

Well, when the return address says it is from Krystledawne Fine Lace Jewelry, It should be addressed to me! Me, her Mom... geesh! 
I placed the said package on my Hubby's desk and ignored it! Okay, I did glance a few times at it. I even fondled it. Also held it up to the light. Did you know that manila envelopes/packages do not show the content within it very well? Well, I know now! (Hubby didn't know that his package was being treated in that fashion.. he was napping... shhhhhhh!)
Before Dinner time Hubby called for me, he was in his office going through todays mail. He asked do I want my Christmas present now or at Christmas. Then I was having an out of body experience! I heard my voice say "at Christmas time"  WHAT? I never would say that.. I want things now... now.. especially when it is from one of my daughters! I came back to my body when I heard Hubby say.. here, as he tossed the package to me. Thankfully I arrived in time to actually catch it!
I ope…