...My Tomatoes

This year was my first attempt in growing my own tomatoes.
I had this large outdoor plastic pot that was just sitting with dirt and not being used.
I got few "starters" of the Roma and Cherry tomatoes size and grouped them together in the pot.
I had these white plastic fence screen that had disguised our A/C but was damaged (the screen) from
a tree of ours that fell from a storm past year. I adjusted the screen to go around the tomato pot. Since there were holes all over the screens... over the growing season, I used some of my bamboo poles and slid them through, which created support for them 'maters!

This Lady built her traps near my tomatoes. She is very striking in her features and also in her web. She is known by many names. Yellow Garden Spider, Yellow garden argiope; yellow garden orb-weaver; golden garden spider; golden orb-weaver; the writing spider and also zig-zag spider because of her web design (although hard to see in this picture)

This was the very first tomato that ripe. It was a slight heart shape! I shared this tomato with Hubby which was so hard to do for I just wanted to slurp and devour this beauty! This was sweet and delicious. There is nothing better than homegrown fruits and veggies... farm grown are yummy too! 

The growing season for tomatoes have ended for us. The temperatures have dipped in the evenings. The other day I went to inspect my plants and rescued these green Cherry tomatoes. They became the toppings for my salad! Hubby wasn't into "green" tomatoes and he is the one who is from the South! Go figure! I cut these yummies into quarters and tossed them into the bowl, snipped some of my fresh basils, sprinkled some olive oil and vinegar, cracked some calico pepper corns. Once these were gently stirred, they were added onto the top pf the pile of greens! Mmmmmmm, The salad was sooooooo yummy!

What would I do differently? I will not necessarily reuse that white screen.. It was hard to reach for the tomatoes in the rear. I have time to rethink this idea.... otherwise it worked great!

Bye bye yummies... I'll plant more of you next year!
*sniff* I miss THEM!

* Galatians 6:9
Let us not become weary in doing good, 
for at the proper time we will reap a harvest 
if we do not give up.


Amy said…
I got lots of cherry tomatoes this year. I lost the others. New to Texas growing seasons. LOL

Your lady spider is why I was afraid to go into the cucumbers back in Ohio. Oh, too creepy.

Have a wonderful day.
Khris said…
Now that is an interesting way of eating tomatoes....we visited the States and had fried green tomatoes down in Georgia I think it was. They were might good....hugs Khris

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