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...Changing the Original!

...How many of you have a type of a program on your current computer that is for editing your photos?
I think by now all computers come with such a program, but I could be wrong.  Well, my Hubby's computer is an iMac and it has iPhoto (he got it for me, the program). On our old and dead computer with Windows, it had Paint and I hated it. I hated it because I truly never understood it and gave up trying. Which meant many of my photos were as is, many were too yellowy, too dark, too whatever.
So, with this iPhoto program, I bravely played around with the editing. First achievement was removing the "red eye". YAY!  Next baby step, adjusting the yellowy, next step adjusting contrast and so much more. I have been able to tweak a photo here and there to some degree of satisfaction.
Well... until NOW, actually last week! No matter what I did to "fix" the photo of Abigail, I was just not happy. Too much yellow, then too much green.. then.. and then... 

Take a look at the ori…