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Happy 2nd Anniversary and Veteran's Day!

On this day, we celebrated Happy Veteran's Day and Happy 2nd Anniversary for being a family with Abigail!
We began the tradition of going to a park with a picnic basket, seeing Abigail would enjoy a day of outting and we enjoy it with her! This year we went to Henderson Falls Park located in Toccoa Georgia.

My Dad and I on a bridge over tha water.

My Dad and I going through a covered bridge
over the water. Mommy is behind us!

This was here in the woods.. kinda looks like dog house, but we dunno. I was checking it out.
..just checking to see any of the messages were for me! I got play in the playground. The sand felt different but nice.

Here I am with my Dad!

Now, I'm with Mommy!

This was a staircase that went way down to floor of the waterfall.

Mommy and I went down it. I didn't really like these stairs but I was very brave to go back up without any help!

Here I am, with Dad again. There's the waterfall! A better shot of the waterfall! I am ready for the picnic! I said I am ready …

Autumn has arrived!

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. ~Elizabeth Lawrence
...will the wind and rain stop, so I can play again?

...seems that will not be today.

...nothing better to do than snuggle up on the sofa and wait for a nicer day.

...I just might as well take a nap while I wait for warmer day.

Dangerous dog toy, please read and pass this on...

Please read for the sake of all dogs... after I read it, I immediately went to Abigail's toy basket and threw that toy away into the trash, luckily Abigail didn't care much for this toy! Please pass this information onto other Dog Owners!

Thank You,
a.k.a. Abigail's Mommy

Days of Abigail's Hot Summer

This is what happens to most beagles when it
is hot outside. They develope the "BPS",
Beagle Plopping Syndrom".

BPS begins when the outside temps rises
higher than 80 degrees F. Beagles begin to
hang their tongues out.

Then their legs become jello, unable to stay
standing. Therefore, they plop in place.

If they take a step or two, it is more than they
can handle due to jello'd legs and they plop...

Sometimes, they build up enough energy to
bring themselves up to the chair which is cooler
and more comfortable than the floor.

The arm of the chair becomes a promptu
chin rest, aiding in holding one's head up.

"It is tough being a beagle like me on the days
that may bring on the dreaded BPS!

Abigail's Summer Tea Luncheon

"I'm patiently waiting for my Mom to finish setting up our table out on our porch. There is even a spot for me to join in!"

"It is time to serve up the lunch!"

"MMMMmmmmm, cantalopes! Cucumber sandwiches! Citrus Green Tea! "

"Pardon my manners for standing up on my seat but this is really yummy! Gotta get every morsel!"

" I wonder why we don't do this all the time, it would be just fine with me if we did!"

"Citrus Green Tea is a delcious drink to finish off the meal with!"

"Ahhh this is the life, the beagle life that is!"

Abigail's Summer Rain

Summer Rain ...when will the Summer rain stop? rained on me! I just wanted to play.

Have you ever seen it rain on a sunny day? I just did...

Mark This Date in The History Books! 12 FEB 2008

Uno makes Westminster history.
Beagle becomes first of its breed to be named best in show.

Picture by Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Uno poses with handler Aaron Wilkerson.
Uno became the first beagle to win best in show at the
Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday.

More information!
Video Clips:
Video Clips: Video Clips:

Uno, a 15-inch tall Beagle, sits next to a trophy at the 132nd Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York on Feb. 12, 2008. Uno was named best in show during the contest in New York, the first time the breed took the top prize since the event was founded in 1877. Photographer: Michael Gross/Bloomberg News

Finally Beagles get their due!…