Days of Abigail's Hot Summer

This is what happens to most beagles when it
is hot outside. They develope the "BPS",
Beagle Plopping Syndrom".

BPS begins when the outside temps rises
higher than 80 degrees F. Beagles begin to
hang their tongues out.

Then their legs become jello, unable to stay
standing. Therefore, they plop in place.

If they take a step or two, it is more than they
can handle due to jello'd legs and they plop...

Sometimes, they build up enough energy to
bring themselves up to the chair which is cooler
and more comfortable than the floor.

The arm of the chair becomes a promptu
chin rest, aiding in holding one's head up.

"It is tough being a beagle like me on the days
that may bring on the dreaded BPS!


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