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...She cracks me up!

Abigail, my four-legged kid, cracks me up at times. The things that she does naturally can be very amusing. What would be more amusing is sometimes those moments can be captured by the camera!

Below are some delightful examples!
Alright, deal the cards boys.

I can bluff them, they are only guys.

Think you can take my BoBo away from me?

...yep! She's my baby!

* Psalm 145:15-17
The eyes of all look to you,
and you give them their food at the proper time.
You open your hand
and satisfy the desires of every living thing.
The Lord is righteous in all his ways
and loving toward all he has made.

...after the rain

I woke up feelin' refreshed from the rain that fell over night. The rain washed off that thick yellow pollen down,  giving all things in nature their fresh color again. 
The scent of my Mother's Day Lilac seemed to have renewed! The memories that this treasure holds! Ten Years! I stand and admire the years it represent.
My daughters, both of them, have done this Mom proud. Each new year I am newly awe'd of the women they have become.
Thank you, God!

*** Luke 1:42 In a loud voice she exclaimed:  " Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear!".

...My Distractions!

Some say that distraction is a bad thing. That it takes away your focus. In many ways I would agree, for an example... while driving, while cooking, while watching the youngsters, watching pets, reading and so much more. Those times are critical for undivided attention and focus to prevent serious harm.
   Then there are another kinds of distraction that are bad for you because they waste time of your productivity. T.V. and computers come to mind as far as that kind. I am guilty of those, but it does not monopolize me. As you can see, there are many distractions that are "bad".
   There are distractions in my life that brings peace and joy! The ones that God purposely brings to my  focus! The times when I pass a window and catch a glimpse of something, something like a flash of red so that I can't help to stop and see what it may be. That brilliant red coral color! My eyes catches that color and sees a pair of cardinals. I hear them! I watch them with awe. Moment later, …

The making of Wild Violet Jellies!

I did it! I made beautiful jellies!
Yesterday evening I went out in my backyard with my apron and red gardening clogs on, armed with a basket lined with a tea towel that I made for myself. Abigail, my beagle kid joined me in my activity. We sat ourselves down on the soft ground and began picking the wild violets. 

 They are in abundance here!
... basketful of lil faces!

..gently rinse the beautiful purple beauties!
...let them steep in boiled water for a time.
...jelly making time!
...LOOK at that gorgeous color!
...jellies! Jars and jars of them!

...two jars just for Hubby and I!

...the Nature's gifts!

Here is the link to that wonderful recipe!

..the time outside was good for me and my beagle, Abigail. Although, she insisted on helping herself to eat from my basket! We came to an understanding.. she picks her own (I showed her how) and eats her own!

Enjoy the Spring!
Abigail and I sure are!

God grant me the serenity...
To accept the things I cann…