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Merry Christmas!!

Hi! Abigail here, thought I share with you my Merry Christmas!

I began on Christmas morning, any morning for that matter, with pleadings as beagles do best! You know what? It always work! Those homemade cake donut holes that Mom made the night before were yummy!

At first, I was unsure about this whole "opening" my own present thing. I felt that this was a trap! Mom usually chase after me when I tear or shred paper! I tore a little bit and Mom just sat there watching me, Master did too! Mom was actually happy I tore the paper. What gives? Parents are confusing beings, yanno?

I helped Mom and Master with tearing their papers! They were happy too! I really like to be helpful when I can.

I even got to see what they got! I hope that mine will be better. Theirs did not have any scents to indicate that it was edible, not that it would stop me! They were happy!

My whole day was filled of tearing papers, sniffing presents... my presents! I added my personal "touch" with my gifts...t…

Happy Anniversary!

Today marked the day for remembrance of the Veterans. ~*~ Also, this day marked the anniversary of the day that a beagle named Abigail came into our lives, one year ago. ~*~ We celebrated our special day by going on a road trip. We went to Tugalo Park. The day was beautiful for a picnic.

We started with the picnic right away . Abigail enjoyed some biscuits with some cheese. She also had a bit of lemon poppy seed scones and had some tea "Reminisce" to lap up from her cup. ~*~
After we cleared the picnic table and put away our picnic basket, Abigail and I enjoyed some time on the bench swing. ~*~ Exploring the beach was a new experience for Abigail. She was uncertain about the water lapping at the beach! Her nose went into over drive from sniffing all the new scents. She found some shells, rocks, wood... and the sand under her paws was amusing for her. ~*~
Abigail and her Master took a break from the walk on the beach.

Actually, Abigail would keep on going and going and going... if we let her…

Nearly a Year!

In just one month, it will be our "One" year Anniversary with Abigail in our lives! On one hand, it seems impossible that it has been that long already, but on the feels like we always had Abigail in our lives!

We had quiet a busy day at the veterinarian today. Abigail met her Doctor for the first time! The reason for the vet visit is that it was time for Abigail to renew her rabies vaccination. While we were there, Abigail had her "check-up". All good! Healthy! 19.6 pounds! We had to do a bit of creative way to weigh her though! She was too rambuncious and too distracted by other dogs to even "sit" still on the scale! So... I picked Abigail up and we both went onto the floor style scale and weighed together. Then I passed Abigail to my husband and weighed myself alone, did the math and concluded Abigail's weight! The things we do for our pets!


Abigail's Adventure at The Toccoa Falls

~ A long time has spanned since March. I went on a long trip to see my daughters. My oldest has blessed me with a beautiful granddaughter (which has made me the proudest "Nana") and my youngest was married. A month full of adventures! I was away from Abigail and my husband for a month. They fared well, but were happy to have me back. Many things have happened since my return and I was either too lazy to update this blogg or too busy catching up on things. I was unloading my digital camera and had forgotten about some pictures of Abigail's discovery... a turtle! I will load those on this blogg in few days.

The Toccoa Falls

~ Today, Abigail had her first adventure to the lovely Toccoa Falls! My husband and I are celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary and decided to see the falls again. It is always lovely to see. This was a new world of exploring for the adventurious beagle of ours! Abigail was a bit skiddish with exploring out. She would keep her body far back as possibl…

Oops 5 days came and went!

Oh dear! Sorry about that. Life is full of adventures and passes by quickly! I was outside, taking some shots of the yellow tulips that bloomed this morning. As I was taking the pictures, Abigail decided to investigate the situation. (They say timing is everything to candid shots!)

Enjoy! ~BeagleMommie

Been A Long Time...

... Since I last updated this blog for Abigail. A lot has happened with Abigail in her world, all good. For now, I will fill this page with new pictures of Abigail and let them speak for themselves. Enjoy! I will be back in about 5 days and do some catching up since before Abigail's first Christmas!
~BeagleMommie "Why does Mom insist on taking my pictire?"
"Mom says this picture makes me look vicious" (actually, Mom took my picture in mid-sneeze, pretty cool.. huh?)
"I did not know that Mom took this picture! "
"Mom says that I am her little angel on Earth"

"I need to keep my teeth sharp and clean. Especially now that the squirells are begining to come around again!"