Abigail's Adventure at The Toccoa Falls

~ A long time has spanned since March. I went on a long trip to see my daughters. My oldest has blessed me with a beautiful granddaughter (which has made me the proudest "Nana") and my youngest was married. A month full of adventures! I was away from Abigail and my husband for a month. They fared well, but were happy to have me back. Many things have happened since my return and I was either too lazy to update this blogg or too busy catching up on things. I was unloading my digital camera and had forgotten about some pictures of Abigail's discovery... a turtle! I will load those on this blogg in few days.

The Toccoa Falls

~ Today, Abigail had her first adventure to the lovely Toccoa Falls! My husband and I are celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary and decided to see the falls again. It is always lovely to see. This was a new world of exploring for the adventurious beagle of ours! Abigail was a bit skiddish with exploring out. She would keep her body far back as possible and lean her nose out as far as she could reach with sniffing. She was unsure of climbing onto large boulders and rocks, but once I did those things, she followed. We had a lovely time at the Falls. Enjoy the pictures!

... lower middle section of the falls.
...the base of the falls.

"Hm? Is there something lurking in here?"
"What is over here?"
"Maybe there are some bugs here?"
"It is a good thing that the water is down over there!"

"Why Mom insist on putting me on this bench for my picture when I rather go over there?"

...a pretty scene down from the falls.
"Boy! There are lots of water around here!"
~ After Abigail's adventure, we all went to get some ice cream desserts!
Abigail enjoyed them too!


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