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Happy Anniversary!

Today marked the day for remembrance of the Veterans. ~*~ Also, this day marked the anniversary of the day that a beagle named Abigail came into our lives, one year ago. ~*~ We celebrated our special day by going on a road trip. We went to Tugalo Park. The day was beautiful for a picnic.

We started with the picnic right away . Abigail enjoyed some biscuits with some cheese. She also had a bit of lemon poppy seed scones and had some tea "Reminisce" to lap up from her cup. ~*~
After we cleared the picnic table and put away our picnic basket, Abigail and I enjoyed some time on the bench swing. ~*~ Exploring the beach was a new experience for Abigail. She was uncertain about the water lapping at the beach! Her nose went into over drive from sniffing all the new scents. She found some shells, rocks, wood... and the sand under her paws was amusing for her. ~*~
Abigail and her Master took a break from the walk on the beach.

Actually, Abigail would keep on going and going and going... if we let her…