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...Dotee! Have You Seen or Heard?

~ I visit MaryJanesFarm Farmgirl Connection often and check out many of the the forums. I peek in the "Farmgirl Barter" or the "Farmgirl Swap" and see if there is something that I might want for barter or even make to swap. For a quiet awhile now, I have seen "Dotee" for swaps but had ignored them mostly.

~ That is until recently! I could not ignore it any longer. I finally bit it when I saw a forum thread titled "Dotee Adoption". I should have ignored it like the rest but noooo, I had to be nosy. 

           Here is the first post in that thread:
Here's how it works.
I will offer up the first Dotee for adoption. If you want to give her a home, post that you will take her, and offer up the Dotee you made for adoption. You will then send your address to the person adopting the Dotee out.Please adopt the Dotee and immediately offer up your Dotee, so that the adoption process can continue, without delay.If you don't have one made, offer her up …

...Donations for Dr. Von Threadmore's PTG's Tat Days Travel Fund

<~~~ As you can see. I am begging and shamelessly too!

Thank You so far, to the contributors!

The Full Story About Dr. Von Threadmore's Travel Fund  (a.k.a. Kyrstledawne)With that note, I would like to share something that would be 
totally wonderful for the coming year. Many of my readers know 
that I LOVE to attend the Palmetto Tatters' Guild 's Tat Day and 
any other Tat Days! I hope to teach a class or two. I also dream of 
my daughter Kyrstledawne from Kyrstledawne ~ Fine Lace 
Jewelry, to come to Palmetto's Tat Days held in Toccoa, GA.
(Sept 7 & 8, 2012) I have lived here since 2004 and she has yet to 
see my home or the "South"! Wouldn't you Tatters also like to 
see and meet Krystle too? *gasps* Even Dr. Von Threadmore? 
Maybe she.. err they would teach a class or two at Tat Days? 
Wouldn't you like that too? Well, I know for fact that she would 
like to come and be at Tat Days with us too but as many of you 
know, she is a busy stay-at-home m…

...Follow My Blog with Bloglovin

This is new and I really do not know anything about it yet!

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...A Recent Quilt That I Made

Past October, I was approached by an online friend, Debbie, about making a quilt for her granddaughter.  I said that I could do it so I asked few her some questions about color choices. Debbie desired a quilt that had a definite "girl" look to it. The Mom liked everything in beiges, browns and neutral colors and she disliked anything pink.  I worked with Debbie via emails and messages on Facebook. I spent some time searching for fat quarters of fabrics in various Etsy shops. I was staring at this piece of fabric. It had the elements that I was looking for, the browns and pinks. 
I learned something through various design shows and art classes of my youth about colors. My Mom even played an important roll in my life with colors. She was an interior designer and I learned many things by watching her work her magic. With these lessons in life, I learned that when you want to bring colors that are pleasing to more than one person which in this case are the grandmother and the m…

...Why is the 4th of January Important To Me?

Why? I am glad you asked! Long ago on the 4th of January, I was exhausted from having 72 hours of HARD labour! I kid you not! Then finally, I became a Mom for the first time. A beautiful girl was born onto me. My life had changed forever on the day of her birth. I fell in love! I held her firmly with my love.
Even now, many years later I still have tears of joy.
I did not know then what life would be like for me as her Mom. I loved her and taught her my best to love God. I prayed for her back then for her future husband. I prayed for strength and patience for me. I watched that sweet baby girl grow and transformed before my very eyes!
I was inadequate and helpless to raise her without God. He sustained me and guided me as this little girl's mother. She, herself has become a wonderful mother with two little girls of her own. 
Now I see her as I was so long ago, a young mother of two beautiful girls. There are no words for the amount of pride that I have for this beautiful woman wh…