...Dotee! Have You Seen or Heard?

~ I visit MaryJanesFarm Farmgirl Connection often and check out many of the the forums. I peek in the "Farmgirl Barter" or the "Farmgirl Swap" and see if there is something that I might want for barter or even make to swap. For a quiet awhile now, I have seen "Dotee" for swaps but had ignored them mostly.

~ That is until recently! I could not ignore it any longer. I finally bit it when I saw a forum thread titled "Dotee Adoption". I should have ignored it like the rest but noooo, I had to be nosy. 

           Here is the first post in that thread:
Here's how it works.
I will offer up the first Dotee for adoption. If you want to give her a home, post that you will take her, and offer up the Dotee you made for adoption. You will then send your address to the person adopting the Dotee out.Please adopt the Dotee and immediately offer up your Dotee, so that the adoption process can continue, without delay.If you don't have one made, offer her up as a mystery dotee.If you want to send your Dotee overseas, say it in your post, otherwise, we'll keep it domestic. Please send your Dotees out within a week or so.If you don't receive a Dotee, please let me know, but be sure to include your email address in the body of the email, as I can't log on sometimes.For example I might post:Dotee for adoption. Her name, or a hint, brief description. You might even offer up a mystery Dotee.

           Next post in that thread read:
Here we go.Dotee Fairy for Adoption.She's not dirty, she's tea stained/dyed.
~ So, she got adopted and the gal who adopted her, offers up a "Dotee"  for the next adoption.

~ Well, I got so curious to what this was all about! First of all, what in the world is a Dotee? Someone on the forum asked about the size of these "Dotee". It was said that they run about 3-5 inches. Huh? That little? Okay! Enough is enough! I had to know!
What is the next best thing to do when you want to find out something and have a computer on hand?  It is Google time! I googled Dotee and went to Flickr: Dotee Dolls!

~ Oh my gosh! I really should have ignored this! 

There even  is a YouTube of how to make these things! 

~ For me, this was way beyond easy peasy! I ran through my dis-organised craft-room and grab a bit of this and a bit of that. I created my very first "Dolee".  As she was being made with this and that, her personality was forming.

Just look at her! Isn't she adorable?

~ This is her story. She wishes to go by the name of Maggie O'May. She had chased some rainbows, hoping to find some pot of gold and with no luck. Then she saw it, but this rainbow was different than all that she had seen in the past. This rainbow danced! She had to get closer to it! She did get too close to it. Her own hair became the colors of the Areola Borealis.  Every since Maggie discovered these dancing rainbows, she delighted herself as she danced with them! She may look all frazzled but she is very happy and carefree! 

~ I had so much fun with Maggie O'May, that I am in the middle of making another "Dotee".  Here it is... a work in progress! The personality is still in the forming stage.

"I should have ignore all of this Dotee business!"

...oh yes, I should have.

Please take my advise.... ignore these attention suckers!



Cindy said…
Oh - these are ADORABLE! But I am taking your advice and not. making. one. Too bad I have to work - there are waaaaay too many deadly time-suckers out there. I do love your creations!
Sam I Am...... said…
Uh oh...too late! I'm sucked in! But they are too darn cute! And the 2 you made are precious! I see the Irish coming through and loved your story about getting too close to the rainbow. I'd love rainbow colored hair! How cool would that be?
I probably won't do one to night...I'm tired...but got some good cleaning done today but soon, as that looks like a project I might even finish!!!! LOL!
Oh...what is the dangly thing that hangs down? They didn't show how to make that..it looks like jewelry and why not 2 of them for legs? One seems sort of odd or am I missing something.
This was a great post, thank you! I get on MJ's too. I used to all the time but I have to watch my computer time! LOL!
Karrieann said…
Thanks! They are cute!
About these Dotees that I have seen, none have arms and legs. The dangle thing is what I would say blingy tail?. If you have a bit of spare time, check out my pinterest board of Dotees


and see the various examples. I did Maggie in the one evening and finished up the details the next day.

I spend monitored time at MJF, otherwise nothing gets done!

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