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...Naturally Nora All Natural Baking Mixes!

A wee while back, I entered a giveaway for Naturally Nora Baking Mixes on Sugar Pop Ribbons' blogs. and thought nothing more about this until I received an email announcing that I am the lucky winner! I once again thought nothing more ...until the PostMan ...or was it The UPS Guy? that had arrived up my driveway with a fairly large parcel addressed to me. I think that my mind has taken a vacation without my permission! I read the return label and was clueless of the sender... until I opened the said parcel!


I opened the cardboard box and was very delighted to see that the mix was in a plastic bag! (Sorry for the sideway picture, just tilt your head to the left for a better angle) I was happy with the bag because lately my pantry  and cupboards have been invaded by the itty bitty pain in the neck pesky bugs.  (That's another story)

...It's The Southern Thing

For those who know me, will eventually realize that I am not a Southern originally. My Hubby evens calls me Yankee, affectionately. Funny thing is I do not consider myself a Yankee. It is true that I was born in New York, please note that I did not mention city.  My Hubby is a native Georgian born gentleman.
Well, ever since moving to Georgia from Washington (I didn't say D.C.) seven years ago, there is a quote or phrase I hear often and I mean often. "It's the Southern thing". I have learn many differences of the Southern thing and it depends on who you talk to!
I ate enough Brunswick Stew to notice that there are different styles and this depends on "where" in the South! Among the locals and Southerners, they even debate about whose stew is the best or better. So, it is the Southern thing.
Then you have grits in the South and you can find it on nearly all menus! I like grits my way which is the Northern thing, with butter and maple syrup which I do for my oa…

...Six More "ONS" are Dressed Up and Showing Off At My Etsy Shop!

Without further ado, Six "ONS" wearing the latest new designer fashions! (for the story on "ONS" go here)
Pretty in Pink Batik with Lace!

 The Early Birdie

Whoo Whoo

Lets Be Beautiful

Summer Sunshine

Country Rose

Lets give these lovely Shuttle a round of hands for their lovely ensamble!

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Thank You!