...It's The Southern Thing

For those who know me, will eventually realize that I am not a Southern originally. My Hubby evens calls me Yankee, affectionately. Funny thing is I do not consider myself a Yankee. It is true that I was born in New York, please note that I did not mention city.  My Hubby is a native Georgian born gentleman.

Well, ever since moving to Georgia from Washington (I didn't say D.C.) seven years ago, there is a quote or phrase I hear often and I mean often. "It's the Southern thing". I have learn many differences of the Southern thing and it depends on who you talk to!

I ate enough Brunswick Stew to notice that there are different styles and this depends on "where" in the South! Among the locals and Southerners, they even debate about whose stew is the best or better. So, it is the Southern thing.

Then you have grits in the South and you can find it on nearly all menus! I like grits my way which is the Northern thing, with butter and maple syrup which I do for my oatmeal! The way my Hubby does it , is with butter and black pepper. I just don't want grits with my shrimp or other foods. I think of it for breakfast not lunch or dinner.

I love iced tea and tomatoes. The Southern way is iced SWEEEEEEEET tea and fried green tomatoes! I like the fried green tomatoes! In fact I really really like them! Now onto the sweet tea, I am not a fan of all that sweetness. It is soooooooo sweet that it is over powering for my taste but it is the Southern thing.

Now there is something that my Hubby does that it is considered as a Southern thing but he says not only is it a Southern thing, that is a Georgia thing. I did research this and no one can really verify the origin. I was told by my Hubby that this a treat.  I have over the years watched him drink his glass bottled Coca-Cola with peanuts. He adds peanuts into the bottle of his coke. That's right. I give a curious look every time. My friends and neighbors all say "Oh yeah, we do that". 

I get how it could be the Georgia thing with the state that grows peanuts and Coke is in Atlanta. It is has been so hot here and the thought of a refreshing cold glass bottle coke was all I could think about. I finally said to Hubby, "Okay! Enough is enough! I am going to try the Coca-Cola and peanuts". I just had to see whats the big deal was besides it being nostalgic for many of the Southerners!

You chill the glass bottles of Coke. Yes, it had to be glass bottles! Gotta do this right after all! You will also need a snack size package of salted peanuts. After opening the cokes, you carefully add the peanuts. Carefully because the coke gets really foamy and comes spilling out. I sipped the foam and added the rest of the peanuts. You drink the coke with the peanuts but before finishing the last swallow or two of the coke be sure that you ate all the peanuts or they'll be stuck in the bottle.

It was fine and interesting to me but I am still left with what's the big deal? I guess that it is a Southern thing. (((Shrugs))) Oh.. another Southern thing.. boiled peanuts! Now that I like!!

This is the Georgia thing said by Hubby!
If you have not done this, give it a try! 
A side note Coca-Cola is celebrating their 75th Anniversary!

To my friends and readers, especially the Southerner ones... I do not mean for my blog post to be of any offence to you or others. I love my friends and neighbors. I am just amused by the differences of our cultures and traditions and those differences enrich each one of us as individuals.


Hey Sis, you put the peanuts in the bottle so you only need one hand to have your snack! The other hand is to hold your fishing pole so it doesn't dip into the pond and scare the fishies.

BTW, the fishing pole should be a cane pole, cut "fresh"!!
Kristina said…
My husband used to work with a guy who put peanuts in his Coca-Cola. Thanks for sharing.
Happy Bluebird said…
Hhhhmmmmmmm - I've never heard of that - peanuts in the Coke. Sounds interesting! Must be one of those things like our billion recipes for "hotdish" here in Minnesota :)

Gina said…
Coke & peanuts is sweet & salty altogether.

I was just telling a coworker today that I refuse to drink coco-cola anymore. I'm a diet pepsi person by preference but would drink diet coke if pepsi wasn't available. Unfortunately, Coca-cola made a deal with the university I work at & only coke products can be sold there. OR served there - at any function, even the office birthday party. They ramped up the cost of the vending machine bottles to $1.50. The excuse we're given is that Coca-Cola donates huges sums of money to the University. In my mind, it's a monopoly and illegal. I can go across the street to McDonald's and buy a large drink, my choice of coke products, for $1, so what is the benefit to the university OR its employees?

Not meaning to rant here - it's not YOUR fault, but I find that very very wrong.

But the Southern thing...yeah...and Georgia has a language all its own from what I can tell. LOL! I like my grits with butter and brown sugar which ends up being like syrup.
Eliz (tatknot) said…
My husband is from Arkansas and he loves the combination of salted peanuts in a Coke. On the other hand, I think its awful! Why ruin good peanuts and a good Coke?

My family is full of southerners and I've noticed there is a lot of variety in the "Southern thing." I really enjoyed your post.
Elizabeth said…
Oh yes. Being from Ala I love my grits and we drank the coke with peanuts since I was a child. Loved reading your comments. I have a lot of laughs with my friends that are from up North that being anyone of my friends that grew up above Tenn.

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