...Naturally Nora All Natural Baking Mixes!

A wee while back, I entered a giveaway for Naturally Nora Baking Mixes on Sugar Pop Ribbons' blogs.
and thought nothing more about this until I received an email announcing that I am the lucky winner!
I once again thought nothing more ...until the PostMan ...or was it The UPS Guy? that had arrived up my driveway with a fairly large parcel addressed to me. I think that my mind has taken a vacation without my permission! I read the return label and was clueless of the sender... until I opened the said parcel!


This was my prize from the giveaway! All of THIS!
Three cake mixes, three frosting mixes, one sugar cookie mix and one brownie mix.
I was flabbergasted...all of this for Hubby and I to try! I was so excited that I had to bake something! 

BROWNIES! The first choice!
I opened the cardboard box and was very delighted to see that the mix was in a plastic bag!
(Sorry for the sideway picture, just tilt your head to the left for a better angle)
I was happy with the bag because lately my pantry 
and cupboards have been invaded by the itty bitty pain in the neck pesky bugs.
 (That's another story)
safe in the bag! Muwahahaha these are mine, ya hear lil buggies!

...the directions are very simple and easy to understand!

...mix in bowl,  olive oil (I only use olive oil for better health), two eggs
 plus water for ingredients. I had just what I needed for this taste test!

...whisks up nicely! No need to drag out the mixer, yay!

...pour into the pan that has been prepared with baking spray.

...ready to go in the pre-heated oven

...UT OH! I guess I didn't read the directions fully before beginning!
I thought I did, after all I preheated the oven and sprayed the pan, the size I had was on the directions
...BUT do you see what I saw too late? The Thickest size 8"x 8" glass pan (which I used) IS "NOT RECOMMENED"
OOOH SHOOT! Well, too late now,  I went ahead and baked it, crossed my fingers.
I baked it for 65 minutes and hoped for the best.

The kids were following me around the kitchen with their noses up in the air
and taking in the whiffs. They were under foot too! Kids these days!

...I washed these up quickly while the brownies were baking.
Four piece of equipment were used,  the bowl,  the whisk, the measuring cup and the spatula!
That was it!


...cool for ten minutes! (sighs) The waiting was almost unbearable!

The consensus of the taste testers... THUMBS UP!

We liked this, I liked mixing and baking this and I have learned an important lesson!
The directions are there on the box for a real good reason. I was fortunate that this brownie turned out fine.
The middle of the brownie was a weeeee bit under done but not gooey and raw.  So, I will make sure that my size of the pans are do-able with the direction.

Thank You Sugar Pop Ribbons and the makers of Naturally Nora for the giveaway.
...it was mmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious! And healthy! Imagine brownies being healthy!!!


John said…
You're killing me here!!!!! Just add Ice cream...and I'm over the top.
Ladytats said…
I agree mmmmmmmmm I have been craving sugar and fat and chocolate lately, and a couple m&m's just doesn't cut it.
Anonymous said…
Oh, how could you.... the torment, the anguish... the CHOCOLATE!!!

Send me a piece, will ya???

Karrieann said…
um... it was so good that it is all gone. Sorry Lily!
Marlowe said…
My cute little Yankee gal all fun of smiles and sunshine.

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