...Six More "ONS" are Dressed Up and Showing Off At My Etsy Shop!

Without further ado, Six "ONS" wearing the latest new designer fashions!
(for the story on "ONS" go here)

Pretty in Pink Batik with Lace!

 The Early Birdie

Whoo Whoo

Lets Be Beautiful

Summer Sunshine

Country Rose

Lets give these lovely Shuttle a round of hands for their lovely ensamble!

There is a Etsy Box at my right side bar that will transport you my Shop. You are welcomed anytime!
Thank You!


Eliz (tatknot) said…
I spotted your lovely shuttles in a list of blog's that Sharren is following and had to take a look. I've favorited your Etsy shop and become one of your blog followers. So glad I found you!
Karrieann said…
I am glad to be found too! Hi!
Isdihara said…
Your ONS are so pretty! Clovers are not my favorite size (too small for my long fingers) so I was wondering...

Might you consider creating an ONS using a Sew Mate? (with a pick or without, matters not to me) I would be happy to send you some, if you are agreeable.
Karrieann said…
Isdihara, I have started dressing up the Sew-Mates shuttles and there are two in my Etsy shop.

If you would like to send your poor nekkid Sew Mates to me for them to become ONS under my supervision...we can do that!

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