...I Added Three New "ONS" to My Etsy!

What are "ONS" you ask?
I am so happy that you asked and I am happy to share that with you,
with a story!

The Story of how the "ONS" (Once Nekkid Shuttles) came to be. 

Once upon a time, the tatting shuttles were feeling a wee bit... um.. well.. nekkid! The Nekkid Shuttles wanted to be pretty and not plain, not that there was anything wrong with being plain. These shuttles just wanna have fun! 

They searched deep into Karrieann's box of scraps, scraps long forgotten. The soon-to-be "ONS" found a heap full of delightful scraps suitable for their "fun" purpose and using what was already available is a very wise thing to do!

Karrieann was enlisted by the soon-to-be "ONS" for their fashionable attire! Love and patience went into each individual nekkid shuttles. Soon, one by one the nekkid shuttles bloomed into proud "ONS" 

Now each tatter who proudly own an "ONS" or two...or three... will be able to tat without embarrassment or shame in public as well as in home. 

Each ONS is looking for a new homes, would you like one...two..or three.. or more for your home?

"ONS", a tatting shuttle dressed up!



Are these cute or what?

There is an app on the right side bar (top) 
that will take you to my humble Etsy Shop!
Thank You!


Anonymous said…
Hey Karrieann,

Those are pretty - I especially like the red/pink shuttle!!

Oh, and Thanks for the welcome back!
Sharon said…
Love your story of the ONS -- I just went to etsy and bought one.
Hope you will have some for sale at Palmetto
Karrieann said…
Thanks Sharon! I am sending your ONS in the morning.. Monday!

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