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10 July 2011

...A Merger, The Old With The Current!

When we first adopted Abigail, our beagle, I created a blog based on her. Well, there only was so much that I could blog for her and after awhile grew tired of keeping it updated and current. So that blog eventually faded off into a memory, which has saddened me a bit. There are many wonderful posts, not to mention the photos of Abigail's early years.

When I created this blog, I wished to bring all of those old posts over but didn't know how ...UNTIL now!

I am so tickled pink. I managed to merger those old blog posts to this current blog! Somehow the words export and import just made sense finally!

I smiled as I read those old posts and was surprised to see how much Abigail has aged.

If you would like to catch up and read those posts just go to my "Labels" on the right side and click "Abigails Original Bog".

How many of you have started a blog and then abandoned it, but wish you could merge them? Go here for the how to... merge multiple blogs

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