...Curds and Whey!

...I have been busy on and off making curds and whey! Why, you ask? Because it is easy and pretty!

Oh, but not this kind of curds and whey!

This kind!

Isn't this pretty! I mentioned that it was easy too
This pattern is tatted up with one shuttle, Rings only!
My cup of tea! I love and adore anything to do with 
one shuttle and rings ONLY!!!!! Easy to take with you,
no balls to worry about nor the second shuttle!

This pattern is Curds and Whey by Mary Koniors and 
this is in her  "Tatting with Visual Patterns".

I am doing this in size 20 Cordonnet, 
the colorway is Karey Solomon's "Early Rising".
I am sorry to say that my photos does not do this color justice!
The photo with the ivy background is the closest  to the colors beauty.

So far I have 18 inches!


Happy Bluebird said…
Oh, I've looked at this pattern so many times but have never tatted it - you've given me new inspiration! The colorway is beautiful in photos - it must be spectacular in person :)
Miranda said…
Isn't the power of suggestion interesting? Simply because the pattern is called "Curds and Whey", I never envisioned it in anything other than white. And while it is lovely in white, it is really pretty in a variegated thread. Wonderful job!
Crazy Mom Tats! said…
Love curds & whey - makes great bookmarks!

can't wait for tat days!
Gina said…
I love this pattern too. I don't know why I don't tat it more! Beautiful colorway!
Fox said…
I love this pater as well. Plus, it looks yummy in that thread.
Fox : )

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