...Yesterday was My Guy's Day!

Yesterday was my Hubby's special day, his birthday! 
Sooo, did we do anything special? 
Well, we did take care of our errands and contacts.
Then got some gasoline for my vehicle. Gas prices... OUCH!

Then we went to a restaurant in town, one that we had never tried.
I have no idea why we haven't gone there for the whole 7 years of living here!
Well, we are pleased to say that Mike's Pizza & Sub was well worth the wait for this realization!

Hubby and I ordered the Bistro Burger and fries with sweet tea for Hubby and unsweetened tea for myself.
The burger was as big as the plate. Below are some pictures to illustrate that!

Mike's Bistro Burger, step by step, sizzling on the grille!

Let's get it together!

All together now!
...borrowed these photos from Mike

Even though I was hungry, I was unable to finish my burger. I ate 1/4th of it and packed up the rest to have at home for the next meal and the next... See, it is big!

Bistro Burger is 3/4 lb burger grilled fresh with lots of cheese and bacon, sauteed onions, mushrooms and peppers. Served on a homemade bun with mayo and lettuce.

After our lunch...mondo lunch! We went over to a store sort of next door called Hodgepodge. A consignment type of a shop and we browsed around. That is what we do in these type of the stores...mostly. Something caught my Guy's eyes. He went to it like a magnet! This is rare of him to react in this manner! This was something that he "had" to have if the price was right. A phone call had been made and a deal was struck.

This is what Hubby came home with for his birthday.

This is the original Spirit of St. Louis field hands free speaker phone. S.O.S.L Collection - 
Serial # 92.19280973N
It features:
Wood and chiseled aluminum cabinet
Wall or desk mount
Hands free speaker phone with volume control
Speaker On / Off control
Ringer volume control
Receiver volume control
Push button dialing
10 number memory

Boy! Was my Guy behaving like an 11 year old boy who just opened his most favorite new toy on a Christmas morning? He sure did! He immediately went into his office and unplugged his modern cordless phone and plugged in his St. Louie phone. He had me call him with my cell. Oh my gosh! He was on cloud nine when it rang (We asked if it worked at the store, yes, but sometimes you never know for sure). It has a beautiful ring... so old fashioned! I believe that my Guy had a wonderful birthday... his dimple was showing (that's another story) I sure enjoyed his birthday, he paid for the meals and the gift. (heeheeheee)

On the tatting front, I am working on a project of mine ... a little bit at a time. I demonstrate period tatting at a historical  Traveler's Rest . The tatting in those times were with one shuttle and in rings only patterns. I do live tatting while at the "Rest". I am creating a sample book for the tourists and visitors to look through. This way they get a better picture and idea what the tattings may have looked like "in the olden days".  The tattings are behind the protection of plastic pages... like a brag photo book size. Anyways, below are few example of the pages that I have completed and still working on.

page 1

page 2

page 3
These patterns are from Mark Meyer's Tatting Patterns for One Shuttle book.   

This is my "Project on the go". I keep this in my purse or tote and when Hubby goes into the bank or stores, I pull out the cute bright pink coin purse from a friend in South Korea and tat some more Curds and Whey. I just adore the curds and whey pattern. This piece is being done in a taupe color, Zwicky's silk thread (no longer being made). It is a delicate looking beautiful lace. If you click on the picture, it'll zoom for a closer look. Yes, the shuttle is from LaCossette on Etsy. I love this shuttle, especially for this delicate work! 

...and lately, I have managed to get some of this tatting done!

Till next time!

...my Etsy shop for your browsing pleasure...Yesterday's Scraps, Tomorrow's Treasures 
(my shameless plug!)


Miranda said…
I like your historical tatting. I wonder, since most people don't even know what tatting is anymore, if it might be useful to include a couple of samples of modern tatting for people to see the difference.
Karrieann said…
Miranda, I have been thinking of that idea and thought about having some with color thread, placing those samples in the rear of the book... kinda like a "Then" and "Now" thing.
Thank you for reminding me this idea that I have forgotten.
Anonymous said…
I could feel the emotion coming through on your guy's birthday (happy belated, btw)... it reminded me that I LOVE being that happy too!

It's so neat to get to show off tatting. Does it get much attention? (i would imagine so)
Karrieann said…
Lily, I find that tatting is getting more attention these days. I believe that tatting is gaining growth in popularity as the exposure for them is spreading world-wide. YAY!

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