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...Hen and Chicks?

Today was devoted to what I received in my mail today!

How many of you thought from the title to my blog was about these "Hen and Chicks?

Okay.. so some of you did (I got farm friends that would be the ones to think this)!

Now, which of you thought that I meant the tatting pattern known as this "Hen and Chicks" like below?

Yep, thought so... those knotty friends of mine, yanno.. the tatters? Yep those are the ones!

Did any of you think of this kind? The succulents?

Yep, that would be the ones that I am talking about! I ordered this sweetie from Full Bloom Nursery on Etsy.

I have had this shell like for forever and it moved with me from various homes and states. This shell was a gift from my Grandpa. He used to live in Florida and would walk the beach nearly everyday. I held onto the shell all these years, waiting for it's perfect purpose.

The Echeveria 'Topsy Turvy' succulent arrived in a box with it's soil and securely wrapped up in the newspaper. The Topsy was …

...Good Mornin'

Good Morning Everyone! Nature is waking up! 
Don't miss the beauty!
Grab a cup of tea or a mug of chocolate coffee and enjoy!
..and welcome to my world! 

...Happy International Tatting Day!

Click this for more information on International Tatting Day

This is the start of what I am working on for today.  My first experience of adding on beads while in progress of tatting. I need to come up with a better tool for adding the beads. Any suggestion?

What are you tatting for today? Share!!!