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05 April 2011

...Hen and Chicks?

Today was devoted to what I received in my mail today!

How many of you thought from the title to my blog
was about these "Hen and Chicks?

Okay.. so some of you did (I got farm friends that would be the ones to think this)!

Now, which of you thought that I meant the tatting pattern known as this "Hen and Chicks" like below?

Yep, thought so... those knotty friends of mine, yanno.. the tatters? Yep those are the ones!

Did any of you think of this kind? The succulents?

Yep, that would be the ones that I am talking about! I ordered this sweetie from Full Bloom Nursery on Etsy.

I have had this shell like for forever and it moved with me from various homes and states. This shell was a gift from my Grandpa. He used to live in Florida and would walk the beach nearly everyday. I held onto the shell all these years, waiting for it's perfect purpose.

The Echeveria 'Topsy Turvy' succulent arrived in a box with it's soil and securely wrapped up in the newspaper. The Topsy was unharmed from the adventure.

I took several pictures in various locations with different setting.As you can see, it takes on different appeal with each location

...set beside a decomposing tree with fungus and natural growth 

...set in a lushy patch of wild ground cover

...set on a last year's fallen leaves

...set in a patch of spring blooms of a ground cover

I decided for this moment to set it on my patio table so that when I come out with a cup of tea, I can enjoy this delight and smile at my Grandpa's gift.


tattabugg said...

Yep, I was one of the knotty friends who thought the tatted hen and chicks:) Love the shell with the hen and chicks in it!!! Very pretty!!!

Kristina said...

Yep! You got me on that one - ha ha ha!

Lily said...

That's really nice!!

And I was number 2.... (thinking of the hen and chicks in tatting) ;-P


kellie said...

Love what you did with your Topsy Turvey! Very creative. Glad that one of our "babies" brings you such joy.
Kellie @ Full Bloom Nursery

Melissa P said...

Hen and Chicks are among my favorite succulents. So versatile in your space. I love the mobile quality of this arrangement.