...Happy International Tatting Day!

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This is the start of what I am working on for today. 
My first experience of adding on beads while in progress of tatting.
I need to come up with a better tool for adding the beads.
Any suggestion?

What are you tatting for today? Share!!!


Crazy Mom Tats! said…
check out Jane's technique section on beads - I use beads all the time, and it's lots of fun!
Karrieann said…
Thanks for the tip Crazyyyyy Mom!
Lelia said…
I have no idea how to add beads, I'm actually tatting something similar around the outside of a round motif.

Photo soon (I hope)
Jane Eborall said…
Ah, adding beads to a picot. I use the finest crochet hook I can find (0.4mm - from Georgia) and put the bead on that, hook the picot and slide the bead on. Another way is to use a fine needle (I use a beading needle) with sewing thread. Take the needle (and thread!) through the bead, through the picot and then back through the bead and slide the bead onto the picot. Either way works!!!
Miranda said…
How are you putting the beads on? I put them on a small crochet hook, about 0.5mm. With the hook facing backwards, hook the picot and slide the bead on it without removing the hook. Then use the hook to pull the thread through for the join.
Karrieann said…
...right now, I am using a piece of quilting thread which I slip through a picot forming a loop with the thread and then slip on a bead, slide it down the thread and slip it onto the picot..and do the join with the next ring. Today while I was out, I got some of the "loop" dental floss thingy. I have either heard or saw someone with it and somewhere in my mind thought it was something for adding beads on.. but I can't recall. Soooo, I am doing the thread thing. (((Shrugs)))
Miranda said…
Try the crochet hook. It's easier because it's rigid, and you can put the bead on the picot and pull the thread through for the join all in one motion. You can get the itty bitty sized hooks from Handy Hands.
Karrieann said…
Thanks for the tip everyone... looks like I am adding that itty bitty crochet hook to my wishlist!
Your tatting is absolutely beautiful!

The plant you couldn't remember is ajuga or Bugles. I have them here too on the WA coast and they are telling me they want to take over the acre :>))...very beautiful when they are blooming.

God bless your day, Mary
Your tatting is absolutely beautiful!...such tiny little movements...wow!

The plant you forgot the name of is ajuga or Bugles. They are telling me that they are wanting to take over our acre :>)) They are just beautiful when they are blooming and so good for a fill in place.

God bless your day...Mary

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