...Good Mornin'

Good Morning Everyone! Nature is waking up! 

Don't miss the beauty!

Grab a cup of tea or a mug of chocolate coffee and enjoy!

..and welcome to my world! 

The best that these ever looked since it was planted in 2004
...forgot it's name but it starts with A.

Lily of the Valley


Coral Pink Azalea 

Blood-good Japanese Maple

Wee Lil Johnny Jump ups (Violas)

Friendship Plant (not sure of it's real name),
a friend from Washington gave me a few starts before we moved to Georgia
and they love it here!

Japanese Silver Painted Ferns with White Azalea towering it

The White Azalea

Purple Wisteria 

Under my Wisteria Arbor/Pergola 

My Mother's Day Lilacs, and they say it doesn't bloom well in Georgia.
I think someone forgot to tell these beauties.

Wild Violets literally blanket my yard

...and the Lone Iris.

God Bless Y'all!
Thank You Lord for sharing the beauty of you with me and my friends!


Ladytats said…
Beautiful Karrieann,
for a picture of my yard, see yesterdays post on my blog. he he.

Anyway, I am enjoying your flowers. that is something I really need right now, since spring is being slow. and another storm is predicted for tomorrow. but this time they are saying rain instead of snow. it will melt the snow, but make the flooding worse
mansi said…
WOW!!What a beautiful garden you have set for yourself.Its amazing to see the variety of flowers.
Journey said…
Absolutely gorgeous! Praise the Lord, indeed! :-)
Kristina said…
Gorgeous! I love flowers. You have a beautiful place.
Anika said…
Ah how nice! I love when flowers are in bloom (:
Especially wisteria.
Bett said…
Thank you for sharing. I needed that. I do love spring :)
Msquared said…
Of all the things I miss from living in South Carolina, I miss azaleas the most. I lived near down town Summerville, and used to visit the Azalea gardens there.

Also Thank you for the comments on my tatting blog. I honestly do not use a measuring device for my picots I just measure using my fingers to keep the spacing even.

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