...Why is the 4th of January Important To Me?

I am glad you asked!
Long ago on the 4th of January, I was exhausted from having 72 hours of HARD labour! I kid you not!
Then finally, I became a Mom for the first time. A beautiful girl was born onto me. My life had changed forever on the day of her birth. I fell in love! I held her firmly with my love.

Even now, many years later I still have tears of joy.

I did not know then what life would be like for me as her Mom. I loved her and taught her my best to love God. I prayed for her back then for her future husband. I prayed for strength and patience for me. I watched that sweet baby girl grow and transformed before my very eyes!

I was inadequate and helpless to raise her without God. He sustained me and guided me as this little girl's mother. She, herself has become a wonderful mother with two little girls of her own. 

Now I see her as I was so long ago, a young mother of two beautiful girls. There are no words for the amount of pride that I have for this beautiful woman who once was my little baby. 

My Daughter, 
I look at you today and it takes my breath away for you have become an amazing woman. I could not be more prouder of you than I am now. It was and is still is worth being your Mom. I dare say that you are becoming one of my favorite friend! I know that there are miles between us now but our hearts will always be together in spite of that! I look forward to your continuing maturity!
                                                            Love Always,
                                                                      Your Mom Forever!
P.S. Lord, I am truly blessed! 


Krystle said…
DON'T Make me CRY mom!!!!!!! Lol!

I love you too...
Fox said…
That girl was always a beauty, I see!

Congratulations! My Gram always called me on the birthday of one of my kids, to remind me what a busy woman I was on that day, years before!

We are so very lucky, those of us that have wonderful children. ; ))
Unknown said…
What an awesome love story Karrieann. You are truly Blessed with a beautiful Daughter in Krystle. She is such an amazing young woman.
Karrieann said…
Sorry.. Kiddo, can't help it

Fox, so very lucky indeed!
Anonymous said…
You made me cry! What a beautiful daughter and story! I too have a daughter(she is 15) that I feel the same about...I have been so blessed with a wonderful relationship with her as she is not only my daughter but, my friend!!
michelle202 said…
I love the adoration you have for your baby and the respect you have for the woman she has become. Family is everything.
H J Hess said…
Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!
Happy Birthdate to the wonderful Mom!
Big hugs to you all.

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