Merry Christmas!!

Hi! Abigail here, thought I share with you my
Merry Christmas!

I began on Christmas morning, any morning for that matter,
with pleadings as beagles do best! You know what?
It always work! Those homemade cake donut holes that
Mom made the night before were yummy!

At first, I was unsure about this whole "opening" my own present thing.
I felt that this was a trap! Mom usually chase after me when I tear or shred paper!
I tore a little bit and Mom just sat there watching me, Master did too!
Mom was actually happy I tore the paper. What gives?
Parents are confusing beings, yanno?

I helped Mom and Master with tearing their papers! They were happy too! I really like to be helpful when I can.

I even got to see what they got! I hope that mine will be better. Theirs did not have any scents to indicate that it was edible, not that it would stop me! They were happy!

My whole day was filled of tearing papers, sniffing presents... my presents!
I added my personal "touch" with my personalize them!

It was a nice long busy day of fun, that I got worn out from all the festivity and took a small break and napped.
I hope you had a good Merry Christmas and a good time!
I sure did!
Merry Chritmas!
and a Happy New Year too!


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