...after the rain

I woke up feelin' refreshed from the rain that fell over night.
The rain washed off that thick yellow pollen down,
 giving all things in nature their fresh color again. 

The scent of my Mother's Day Lilac seemed to have renewed!
The memories that this treasure holds! Ten Years!
I stand and admire the years it represent.

My daughters, both of them, have done this Mom proud.
Each new year I am newly awe'd of the women they have become.

Thank you, God!

*** Luke 1:42
In a loud voice she exclaimed: 
" Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear!".


Karrieanne, Thank-you for visiting my blog today. I too love smocking. My only problem is my children have grown too old to appreciate still wearing it. My grandchildren each have a new outfit every season but I never see them in them. I don't know how to make a blog button, so you will just have to come over and visit once and awhile.

How beautiful for you to have lilacs out already. Up here we had snow today. My poor daffodils. I told Dearest that the hens wanted electric blankets tonight. The kids chuckled but he gave me one of those looks! Our lilacs come out around Father's Day.


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