...the postman delivered a package... for my Hubby!

 So? You say.

Well, when the return address says it is from Krystledawne Fine Lace Jewelry, It should be addressed to me! Me, her Mom... geesh! 

I placed the said package on my Hubby's desk and ignored it! Okay, I did glance a few times at it. I even fondled it. Also held it up to the light. Did you know that manila envelopes/packages do not show the content within it very well? Well, I know now! (Hubby didn't know that his package was being treated in that fashion.. he was napping... shhhhhhh!)

Before Dinner time Hubby called for me, he was in his office going through todays mail. He asked do I want my Christmas present now or at Christmas. Then I was having an out of body experience! I heard my voice say "at Christmas time"  WHAT? I never would say that.. I want things now... now.. especially when it is from one of my daughters! I came back to my body when I heard Hubby say.. here, as he tossed the package to me. Thankfully I arrived in time to actually catch it!

I opened it and went into this gleeful type of excitement (don't worry, that is my normal). Finally!!!! I have arrived! I now possess some of the lovely HDT from that Dr. that many of you know! Imagine that? My own Hubby had to purchase these from the Doctor for me to have anything of hers! 

Humph! Don't Moms get seniority from their talented kids?

Lovely Yummy HDT from the Famous Dr. Von Threadmore!

There was another lovely surprise in the package!

I do love clips like these for my wayward outgrowing bangs!
 Even more so, it was made by Krystle!

..few blogs ago, I had mentioned the beautiful vintage beads that I have and plan to use them for a Victorian Lamp shade. Here they are!

This packet of beads will be on their way to Dr. Von Threadmore,
I am hoping to inspire her to make colors for these!!! 
Variegated would be perfect! Don'cha think?
(which she gets to keep)  ;-)

* Psalm 86:12
I will praise you, O Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever.

Yes I will Lord!!!!


H J Hess said…
Well well! You, you lucky girl, are now the proud owner of the Dr.'s fine thread. That is grand!
What are you going to make?
John said…
ooohh how nice!! Beautiful thread..and from the Dr. none the less. I told her if you won her last give-away I'd be your very bestest friend...EVER. Welllllll, (no seriously) it's beautiful and I look forward to seeing how you use it! Happy day! j.

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