...a box of Surprise Treasures!

Today I saw my Postal Lady go past my window and then my loud mouth Beagle doing her duty sounded the alarm "B'roooo b'rOOOOooo B'ROOOO".  I found a package addressed to me waiting outside of the storm door. I was perplexed because I recalled seeing the name of the giver but couldn't place her.. that is until I opened the treasure box (the package). Her cute kitty card revealed to whom she was! I met this wonderful "Farmgirl" from MaryJanesFarm Farmgirls Connection few months ago. She is Ruth!  Ruth, Kelly, Kristen and I had  a wonderful privilege of meeting MaryJane herself. We had delightful time!

Karrieann (Me!), Mary Jane, Kelly, Ruth
and Kristin (not pictured) at Vinny's

Well anyways.. back to the treasures! I opened the treasure box after wrestling with the packing tape. I was too lazy to go and get the scissor or cutting thingy. My Hounds were trying to shove my hands out of their way... their way of their noses!  I got to see what the treasures were! My eyes feasted onto the beautiful reds... red threads, gold threads, ecru threads! I was in total glee! I love threads beacause threads of many kinds are very very useful for anyone's fingers that tatting up a storm! Also, the threads are becoming more appreciated.. since that I have decided to teach tatting with the Farmgirls at our Camp Toccoa next year! I have also been keeping my eyes appealed for various threads to stock up supplies for the camping week-end. 

The beautiful treasures!! 11 - 12 spools of threads!

I plan to tat something with some of these threads for myself. First batch of red threads that I have ever gotten! I am dreaming of tatted hearts and tatted Poinsettias! 

Ruth, Thank you so much for thinking of me! ...and the four-legged kids are doing great!

If any of my followers and/or readers find any threads for crocheting and tatting that they have no use of, I will be appreciative for the donation(s) that would go toward teaching tatting and spreading the craft of fine lace! Tatting Shuttles and Tatting needles are also appreciated! Used are great! 

**Hebrew 5: 12
In fact, though bu this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God's word all over again. ...


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