...Ahh The Memories of This Summer!

The Summer has passed and at times this early Autumn you wouldn't know it by the temperatures! The first half of October was still hot and humid! Then it was wintery cold in the evening time!

I have been taking that trip down the memory lane, particularly today.

Laundry were dried in the fresh air, 
the scents of Heaven to my nose.

First time that my Wisteria bloomed in an abundance! 
More scents from Heaven.

The battle between the Squirrel and the Beagle, 
never ending!

More laundry for the fresh air, 
Laundry never ending!

Quilt blocks made for the swap on MaryJanesFarm Connection,
colorful to my eyes.

Kitchen Angel made for another swap on MJF!

Pine-needle baskets made from Nature.

My first Redwork on pillowcases... made for a barter!

A new addition to our family!

The harvest of juicy Blackberries!

I bagged these blackberries and put them into my freezer. Yesterday I was looking in the freezer for something and saw these beauties. I grab one bag and held them close to my heart and smiled. These became the most wonderful dessert today! I hunt for the right recipe online last night since my cookbook could not provide the right recipe. I found one that caught my eye. I read it through and said YESSSS! This is the one that I remember having as a youth at my Grandparents home at the lake. Then I saw the source for the recipe and my heart leaped. I know that Blogger, The Pioneer Woman and she also has a Basset Hound (Charlie).

The Blackberry Cobbler #1 recipe was the one that I was looking for!
 So I created and baked this earlier!

 The taste of Summer!

I was in the mood today to continue baking something else. 
Autumn does that to me.  So, these rolls were also made!

Summer... I look forward to you again next year. What will you bring?

** 1 John 2:11
But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen!


Krystle said…
I have blackberries in my freezer right now.....
Karrieann said…
...treasures! Try this recipe... it is easy and Ivie can help!

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