...A Milestone! (psst...there is a giveaway too!)

Wow! The time sure flies by when you are not watching!
So many things have happened since my last post.

I mentioned about a milestone and it is about this post. you are reading my 100th post. I am very surprised! I mean, already?  Really?

Well with this revelation, I went back to read that first post to see what had happened?  It was the 12th of November in year 2006! Many of you may not have known because that post was originally on a blog that I created as Abigail's blog. Time went by and I didn't always keep it up to date for her. Later, I created this blog and I am fond of it.  I have gained many friends through it, learned a lot along the way! Then I had felt kind of sad that I did not continue with Abigail's blog because I felt it was abandoned and neglected. I became determined to do something about that, to find a way to bring that blog into this one. I did some reading and research. "There just had to be a way!"  YES! YES! I found the answer! It was basically doing a merge of the two blogs. I crossed my fingers, closed my eyes and prayed! With a hesitated click, I slowly opened my eyes and looked. It was all there, in chronology order! I was so relieved! Those yearly years with Abigail are just as special as the first year with Mr. Peabody!  If you would like to read that very first post, you can locate it here. This was about Abigail, when she first came into our lives!

A while back, I received a very special gift from Grandma. It is a treasure, a very special treasure. Grandma has made many, many, many wonderful things over the years with her talented hands. I am truly blessed to have many of those wonderful things. The treasure that was given to me is the most beautiful cozy sweater and Grandma knitted it ...just for me! I know that I will always and always love it and hold it dearly in my heart. Grandma is 92! She is an amazing lady and I am blessed for being her first Grandchild!


Grandma sent me the left over yarn from the sweater. With it, I crocheted a Scandinavian Style Winter hat to go with my sweater. Yes, It can get cold enough here in the Georgia Mountains to warrant wearing this cozy hat! My ears will thank me then! After finishing my hat, I realized that there still was enough yarn to make another hat!  So, I did! Guess what I am going to do with it!

Since I am celebrating this milestone, I wanted to do something special for it! Hence the hat! I am doing a giveaway at my new blog for the reviews and giveaways! To get there and see, click here, to go to "And Here's My Two Cents..."

After this post, if you want to go to the blog from time to time, the link for it, is located at the top of the blog below the header. All you need to do is click!

I'll be back to blog some more in few days with things that I have gotten in the mail!
Till then, take care!


umintsuru said…
Hi Karrieann, I must say your hat is so pretty. I love the cross stitch and flower which makes it so unique. Very well done.

Abigail looks so happy.
H J Hess said…
What a cool grandmother!
Love, love, love your hat. It is very pretty.
Congratulations on your 100th!
Cuddles to Abigail and Mr. Peabody.
The Best Husband sends you his regards.
Big hugs to you.
Anonymous said…
Hey, that's cool!

Congrats on your milestone!

Can't wait to hear how the shuttle works for ya!!
louine said…
Wonderful to still have your grandma. I miss mine everyday. Love your hat....can you share the pattern?

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