Her adventure with us started yesterday, 11 November 06.
At the moment, I am very tired, so I will begin her story in a few days.
I am also adjusting on being "her" Mommie.
Be sure to come back in a few days to see the adventures of Abigail unfold as she begins to explore her new home, new family and new yard, also to be "Abigail"


..RandomGal.. said…
Cute one! I'm getting a dog soon too.
Maureen said…
Good Luck and Much Happiness with your new baby!
Marlowe said…
All I can say is that this Beagle is really active--way too active for me; however, on the up side she hates our neighbor out back who we also dislike.. Hey Beagles know good people and those that are not good. Oh, beaglemommie did not tell you Abigail's full name--it is Abigail "Abby" Maureen--she is an Beagle.
Marlowe said…
Abby loves to run and she is fast, as fast as the wind. She runs right up to you and then just as she gets to you makes a sharp U-turn and flys off in the other direction. And she hops when she runs--hops like a jack rabbit.
Marlowe said…
Hey Michelle, get Beaglemommie to tell you how Abby got onto the sofa, jack rabbit style.

And then there was her stealing leaving from the raked up pile, taking them off and hiding them not to mention, well, actually I am going to mention it, anyway, she took her toys off and buried them under the leaves.

And you remember how I said she disliked our neighbor out back, well she loves our neighbors to our side, really nice people--just reinforces what I said, beagles know good people and they know who are not good.
Marlowe said…
Today is not a Beagle day--Rain.
Marlowe said…
well Abby just came in from playing in the rain, and she was wearing her raincoat so only her head was wet. Too bad Beaglemommie did not get any pictures of her romping around with her raincoat on.

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