Abbie doing what Beagles do best!

Sniff, Run, Eat, Sleep, Baying... those are just few things to list.
Today marks Abbie's third day at home with our family.
The day before yesterday, she explored her new yard. Her Court (yard) is well fenced, and filled with many things to delight her nose. She has a long row of Goddess Bamboos to run through. Also plays her new favorite game "Can you find me?" behind the bamboos. I hollered out "Run, run, run"in my delight. The thought process in her mind was sorting out those fun words and in a FLASH, of she went! She ran and ran and ran. She ran so fast that she was flash of lightening! She did figure eights around a pear tree, the shed, the pergola, the muscadine vines, the fig bushes!
I was aware of beagles having hidden talents! I am glad to watch her talents unfold before my eyes.
Abbie's nose has been exploring, so much new scents for her discovery! We do have many kinds of birds that visit us and she spied a few pairs of Mourning Doves. She found them fascinating as they watched her from the top of the pergola.
We began to show her what "Sit & Stay" is all about. Abbie thinks it is full of nonsense since there so much more important things to be concerned with, like for instant, chasing a leaf or two floating by! You do agree with her, don't you?
On her first evening, she curled up in her bed which is like doughnut shape pillow and went to sleep with her blankie covering her. That is another "beagle" thing, in case you didn't know! The blanket! Snoopy has been trying for years to get Linus to share his blue blanket! Well, have no fear! Abbie will never run out of blankets and blankies!


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