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14 November 2006

Abbie's favorite far

" Bet you can't find me", Abbie thinks.


mickeymab said...

woohoo - it took a while and a lot of coaxing from "mom" but I found you, silly Abigail - yes, silly - just like your new mom! :D


BeagleMommie said...

~ a note from Abbie's Mom, the silly one.

In case any of the readers think that this is a trick.. have no fear Abbie is really hiding in the midst of the Bamboos.

*hint, if you can locate "the" largest cluster of bamboo leaves, lighter in color, slowly scan your eyes downward. There apeaers dark shadowline. That is Abbie's back with her tail extending out to the right. You'll see her white hind legs, but you will not make out her head eventhough she is peeking. (I hope this helped some) Enjoy!