Abigail's Randomness

Here I come!

Is that camera edible?
This one isn't getting away from me!
I'll trade you this little squirrel for the bigger one, ok?

How do I get to that squirrel out there?


Marlowe said…
Our former Beagle, while she did not like intruders in her yard she was selective as to who she would attack, but Abigail--oh how I love to watch those fur balls run when she tears after them. And fast--that little gal is really, really FAST. I am just waiting for the day that the rabbit comes into the yard, oh, and let us not forget the neighbors cat.
Anonymous said…
And let us not forget that the other night she attacked me, she snuck over from her Momma's chair. via the arm, onto the arm of the sofa and the next thing I knew I had a Beagle in my lap.
Anonymous said…
Somehow one of my posts got eaten, it was most likely that Beagle, she will eat anything.
Marlowe said…
But you should see how sad Abigail gets when her Momma leaves and goes away for say an hour, she whines and bays and stands at the window and goes on and on. And then she goes over to the door and jumps up 4 feet trying to see if her Momma is out there somewhere.--Four feet, I cannot even jump that high, but I am old.
Marlowe said…
As much as I love Abigail, and I do love her, she is really clumsy. She is always bumping her head on the sofa of some other hard surface, does it phase her, nope, her head is as hard as granite--like the granite at Stone Mountain. And she is always sliding off of her Momma's lap, or the sofa, or something, and she does it in slow motion.
Master said…
Well today beaglemommie was holding Abby and she was doing Abby stuff and beaglemommie said, "She's GOOFY!!!!!!!!!". In fact she is goofy just like our Canadian goofball friend mickeymab.
Hatless said…
That beagle stole my hat the other day. She had to jump 4 feet or more to get it off of the dresser and then, there she was, troting around with it in her mouth. That dog is very, very strange.
The Informant said…
One of these days there will be a knock at the door and there they will be, the Feds, they will have a warrant for Abigail--the charge--removing Tags unlawfully. We all know that it is against federal law to remove "the tag" and yet she insists upon doing it so when the Feds show up to take her away I will have no mercy for her.

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