Past Two Days...

Abigail has been very very good in the fenced backyard while My husband and I tackled the chore of raking and blowing leaves from our massive front yard to the roadside. On Wednesdays, our city's "Vacuum" truck comes around our neighborhood and vacuum up the leaves. We currently have about 200' long, 3-4' high and 5' wide row of leaves beside the road. Is that a lot?

Abigail has been wearing a very fashionable sweater. The weather is a bit brisk. Abigail has been amusing herself with our neighbors. They think that she is adorable. We think that too!
With the fresh air all day, Abigail is tired and worn out. I think I feel the same!.
In a day or two, I will ask Abigail to see if she would fashion the sweater for a picture.



Marlowe said…
You forgot to tell them how she, just like Snoopy, jumped right into the pile of raked up leaves and they had to be re-raked--by you.

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