Beagle and Rain, don't mix

Yesterday was a long active day for Abigail and her family!.
We raked up numerous piles of leaves. Abigail checked a lot of them.
She ran through them, dived into them, launched at them and buried some of her keepskates. (I later recovered them for safekeeping)
This picture shows her taking a break from the "busy" day. The sky was blue with puffy clouds. A very beautiful Atumn day for the delightful beagle!
She tuckered out! She slept through the night.
We woke up to a different weather this morning. Rain! Dismal rain. Abigail is very active and being housebound isn't helping to use up the energy. She is trying out all of her toys and racing through the whole house. She is also venturing out places in our home. I caught her opening one of the doors to the pots and pans cupboard and investigating.
I took her outside in the rain in a fleece coat that fit her. I tried to run her a bit. She ran some but it seems even for her the rain is dampening the fun.
Maybe I can try to coax her into a nap, I know I am ready for one!
Abigail's Mommie


Marlowe said…
Well right now she is behind me with her bed in her mouth slinging it all around like it is a BIG toy. The MIGHTY BEAGLE. She is, as I stated in another post, way too active for me--I am old, my bones are slow, my bones pop when I stand up and I sure cannot run. Keeping up with Abby is going to be an adventure.

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