Abigail tries new cuisine.

Abigail is trying her "paws" at some exotic cuisine. Some Exotic Natural
Cuisine! She experimented on some "roots" of our thorn-less blackberries.
(The root self formed at the end of the cane that had touched ground)
Abigail decided that the "blackberry roots" were satisfactory to her chewing.

Next, she tested some leaves of pears, maples, oaks and figs. Her taste buds
concluded that these were of non-favorable variety, but interesting nonetheless! However, she did like the acorn she cracked open with her teeth and ate.

A delightful find! Some pear twigs! These went through vigorous testing.
cracking and crunching sounds can be heard while being ground on them sharp teeth of Abby!
These proved to be a relaxing.. um.. dinner mint?

It will be interesting to see what our budding taste tester will think of our ripe pears, blackberries, figs and muscadines come next year's harvest!

~Today, Abigail had two quick lap running in the yard while the rain held back. This activity seems to curb her "investigating nature". One can only hope, right? (Looks out my window--yep, rain is still holding back.)

P.S. Just to keep confusion down to a minimum, the writer "My" in the "comments" is my husband. Abigail's master.


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