...I tatted a Poplar Leaf and finished it!

It has been some time since I last blogged about anything! Many things have happened and soon, I'll blog about some of those things, but as the subject line says! I tatted a Poplar Leaf and finished it!

This is my first tatted "Mary Fitch Poplar Leaf"
done in DMC Perle Coton, size 8, color 94
(Saturday's Early Bird Special... taught by Karey Soloman

On 26-28 of August 2010,  I was privileged to be able to attend The Palmetto Tat Days,  put on by an amazing group of people from The Palmetto Tatters Guild!

On Thursday afternoon, I arrived at The Georgia Baptist Conference Center located in Toccoa Georgia.
I got to meet the wonderful people early and poke my nose around the place. The location and the building is beautiful. The Center is situated by Lake Louise.

Friday morning came early for me! I was so excited to have this day begin! We had a filling breakfast at the Dining Hall. There was time for shopping in the Vender's Room. It contained our teachers' beautiful creations and products, all for sale! I bought two threads, one of Lizbeth's in the color 136-Autumn Spice, size 20 and the above mentioned DMC's.

~ * ~

My first class of the morning was "Broomstick" Tatted Bookmark taught by Martha Ess. 
This was a fun class and learning how to play with the different lengths of the the picots!

I managed to do a little bit for practice.
The two plastic blue rectangle pieces are the picot guides provided by Martha!
The thread is Lisbeth's , size 20 in color 120-Denim Whisper
Here I am (on the left) with Martha Ess and fellow student "Isdihara"

~ * ~

The next class  in the day was "Oak Leaf" taught by Karey Solomon. 
I love leaves and so does she! I am gaining confidence in my tatting.
For me the best part of being at the Tat Days was to have that visual teacher 
for me to follow along and their assistance are wonderful!

This is the beginning of my Oak Leaf in that gorgeous Autumn Spice!

I am with Karey Solomon, the Teach!

~ * ~

The last class that I took on Friday was The Button Lanyard/Chatelaine, 
also taught by Martha Ess! There were many new techniques in this class.
It truly was beyond my level of experience or knowledge. That was my own fault 
for I choose  this class which was for level 3! I thought I could do it 
but I will manage to learn this while in the comfort of my own world... my home!

My attempt at The Button Lanyard, in Lizbeth 20, 138-Leafy Green
and ecru cotton thread 20

~ * ~

We had a Banquet Dinner in the evening. 
The Southern Belle Tatting Society decorated it in CRITTERS!
 Critters made of natural materials of the outdoors!

This fella reminds me of the muppet named Zoot,
the Saxophone Player on "Electric Mayhem". 
I got to take him home with me!

~ * ~

Then we had a night full of auction items. So many beautiful things were
offered for bids! Also some funny stuff, like Georgia Seitz's brother's hat!
(I wonder if he knows that it is missing?)


was raffled.

Palmetto Tat Days
Scholarship Fundraiser Quilt

.....I'll add more later, Hubby wants a turn at this computer!  :o)


H J Hess said…
It was so wonderful to get to know you during Tat Days 2010. You are such a great person, full of humor and joy. I am glad that you enjoyed attending Tat Days. Hopefully, you can make it a yearly event.
God bless!
Big hugs,

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