...I tatted a Poplar Leaf and finished it! (Part Two)

...As I was saying, The Quilt! It was raffled off. Gosh Darn Dang It! I am not the recipient of that lovely Crazy Quilt.

Please go to this link to read more about it!  Tat Days Scholarship Quilt
Then for more "detailed" photos of the quilt, go here: Detailed Block by Block of the quilt

The Quilt is breath-taking and beautiful. Each block contains tatted items!

~ * ~

In the evening, we had a Night Owl class. I attended and sat in my chair. I stared blankly at the project. The class was lead by Riet Surtel-Smeulders.  I was overwhelmed from the day's activities and decided to head on to home.

Saturday morning came too soon! Early Bird Class! It was lead by Karey Solomon and we worked on the Poplar Leaf. I'd admit it was so early but am very glad to learn this cute leaf, as you saw on my blog previous to this.

~ * ~ 

My first class on Saturday was "Half Ring Braid Bracelet" taught by Martha Ess. Yes, I had three classes by Martha. It was totally just the way it turned out.. not planned. Yes, I choose the classes. I just did not pay attention to who taught these classes. Martha is a good teacher, just as well as others who taught at Tat Days.

My bracelet with few minor boo boos. I was able to catch on to this pattern! It looks technical but Martha made it easy! 

~ * ~

Later in the day, I had one more class that I signed up for. Indian Summer taught by Nina Libin. She creates beautiful beaded tatted pieces. I ended up skipping that class due to how I was feeling. I was feeling flustered and proud at the same time. The fluster was to my choosing a level 3 class. The proudness was for getting the hang of the half rings! I was guarding my heart from further disappointments of "not" getting it with the up coming class. I decided to sit it out and try it at home where there are no distractions.

So, what did I do for the afternoon? I ran into Georgia Seitz and asked what was her next class. She said the Hanky class. Then I asked if I may sit in. I was welcomed to come along. I am glad that I attended this "Crafty Tatting" class. THIS was my cup of tea! You create a cute drawstring bag using two handkerchieves! I will create some at another day and show you! They are cute! Georgia is avery sweet lovely lady, funny too!

I am with Georgia Seitz

Well, since the Indian Summer class is two block of time, I had another free time! I guess you are wondering what I did with that time! I bought a splurge the day before from Karey Solomon's table of her wares. A Lucet kit is what I treated myself too! A what? Lucet! But that isn't tatting! Exactly! Tatting is really not my thing but I will continue to tat in correct situation...at my home and by myself. It was difficult to concentrate at many of the classes but that is okay. I gathered the information and will apply them when the time is right, stress free. Some tatters find tatting as a stress reliever. 

So what is a Lucet?  A two-pronged tool used to produce a square, braided cord. The cord had many uses, from threading through clothes to drawstrings on purses. The size of the thread used determined the size of the cord.  They were used from at least the 16th century onwards, however some viking finds of manmade bone objects shaped like lucets have been used as evidence of viking use of this technique. No one has been able to prove the useage of the lucet between these two time periods yet, however finds of other braiding techniques including plaiting and fingerloop braiding have been documented between the 10th and 16th centuries.

My Lucet kit included the Lucet, bag and the ball of colorful string which I weaved into the colorful cord. Since I ran out of string in the kit, I tried out some of my size 20 thread. It is till on the Lucet.

I found THIS to be relaxing! I am looking forward to test out other materials and see what comes of it with my Lucet! This is something that I can do mindlessly in the evenings while Hubby watches the T.V.

.... more to continue later.


Gina said…
Good for you! Tatting at these events can be very overwhelming, even for seasoned tatters. I usually have to come home and start the project all over. Too many distractions, too fast or too slow and so you lose your rhythm, but the creative energy and socializing are priceless.

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