...Sunshine Can Travel!

Yesterday my mailbox looked very bright after the mailman delivered some mail 
and a package from Cottonelle.

 I got one of those cover for the "nekkid" toilet paper roll for free.
 I was going to post the site for  y'all to try get your own
but I saw that they ran out of that promotion. 

I got the one in the middle

But that was not the brightest thing from my mailbox.
This was! (below)

Isn't that the most wonderful Sunshine that you have ever seen... lately?
This was a surprise for me and I am truly blessed by this beautiful tatted cross!

Another sweet Tatter on this Earth!
If you know a gal named Lily
and has a blog called The Eye Candy for Crafters.
She is the one!!!! What a sweet surprise with a lovely sweet note!

Lily, Thank you! 
You have no idea that my world is upside and this lovely gift
is perfect timing with a reminder that all will BE okay!
(Because HE is in complete control)


H J Hess said…
See you sooooooon!!!
Toccoa, here we come.
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad it finally arrived!! I kept checking every couple days (lol, even hours)!

That pattern came from a 1950-something Workbasket and I just now noticed that the very center reminds me of the Chinese coin pattern by Jon Yusoff (hmmm, interesting how everything intertwines)

Anyway, I realize it is not as bright as the real Sun, but it is the brightest yellow I have :-D *Though I have a feeling that the happiness this brought you far surpasses the cheery color of your tatted treasure* {big toothy grin}

Have a great time at Tat Days!!!
Kristina said…
Ohhhhhhhhhh! I love that cross. I hope that I can tat that well some day. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing the extended "sunshine."

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