...The "Upcoming" Palmetto Tatters Guild's 10th Annual Tat Days!

Are you ready yet?
My heart is!
Mentally, I think I am ready. 
Physically? Well...no I am not ready!
Palmetto Tatters Guild will be making a milestone in the year 2012! 
They... we will be celebrating our tenth ...yep, TENTH, annual Tat Days!

I am already making plans for that Tat Days!
My mind is spinning with ideas and plans!

I love meeting all the other tatters.
I love learning more with tatting.
I love the location, not because it is in "MY" town
But because it is beautiful there.

I sat at the dining tables mostly
That were located beside the picture windows.

The view is breath taking.
The lake, 
The trees hugging it,
The ripples in the water washing away the tension,

picture from Palmetto Tatters Guild's website

Goals planned for this year in preparation for PTG's Tat Days 2012
  • submit few teaching applications to teach
  • harass KrystleDawne a.k.a. Dr. Von Threadmore to attend the said Tat Days
  • create at least one beautiful "Auction" item (to support their Scholarship program)
  • make things for the Silent Auction (to support their Scholarship program)
  • beg Krystle Dawne to come
  • make thank you gifts for teachers
What are your goals for the next Tat Days?

Oh! By the way, the Palmetto Tatters Guild's 10th Annual Tat Days is September 7-8, 2012 in Toccoa Georgia.... come by Air, Train and Car!

And the theme this coming year is "Blast from the Past"

I'll see YOU there!!


Shelley said…
Hi Karrieann,to answer your question about the snood...I just used a Bobbie pin on both sides to hold it in place...you can also make a draw string for it...which I chose not too do though...thanks for stopping by my blog today....blessings
Isdihara said…
I will join you in your efforts to persuade KrystleDawne to attend Tat Days in 2012. I would Sooooooo love to meet her. And if her daughters come, they could play with The Sprout!

It was such a treat to see you again at Tat Days! Wondering how I managed not to see you in classes?

Crossing fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes....that I will attend next year!
Ladytats said…
rats! I don't think I will be able to make it.
I will be demonstrating tatting aug 31 - sept 3 (4 day labor day weekend) at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion so I seriously doubt I will be able to take off more days from work and the farm to come see all the wonderful tatters at Palmetto days. Oh, well, maybe the next year. sigh....

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