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02 September 2011

...I Love Rainbows and One Arrived!

I love this and all other rainbows!
photo by 

I love them! They come in many variations! 
A box of crayons, tie-dyes,  foods, clothing, stationary, cars, houses, flowers. 
The list goes on and on...

and I love them all!

Yesterday a large box arrived at my door. It was a hefty weight.
I already knew what the box contained before opening it.
There in my box waiting for me to open was my rainbow!

My Rainbow! Look! I'm in heaven!

Calicoes! More calicoes! My rainbow!

My Hubby is the greatest! My rainbow! FABRIC! 
I'm in heaven! I am going to be sewing! Yes, I am!

What will I sew?

Aren't these rainbows beautiful?

Calicoes! Flowers!

So pretty! I will be wearing these!

All the delightful colors! All mine!
(Yes, I am an only child)
Mine! Mine.. mine!!!

Happy Flowers! Beautiful Flowers!

Colors for all seasons! 
I love cotton!
I love rainbows!

Yes, I love them!

 I am happy to be a girl!

So, what will these beautiful fabrics become?

Oh, did I mention that each of these rainbows are 6 yards?

Yes! All of them SIX yards each!!!

Simple pleasures!

Mine!!! All of it!!! Mine!!!

So, would y'all like to know what will become of these?

Dresses!!! I LOVE wearing dresses.
 Every single day, I love to wear them!
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
 and... yes even on Sundays!

This is the pattern that I will sewing!!!
Dresses! Such beautiful dresses!

I love frilly and girly dresses!
I'm such a girl!

Thank You to my Hubby and my Lord for these rainbows!

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Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Have fun sewing!