...A Discount on The "ONS" for Those Going To Palmetto Tatters Guild's Tat Days 2011

I have a special offer for anyone who will be attending the Palmetto Tatters Guild's 9th Annual Tat Day on September 23-24, 2011 in Toccoa, GA.

$2.00 off each shuttles and free shipping

The special offer is on all of my "ONS" tatting shuttles at my Etsy shop... click here, $2.00 off each shuttles and free shipping (I'll bring them to the Tat Days for delivery!) Find the shuttle that you like, then contact me from that page, telling me that you would like to purchase that shuttle(s) and then I will set up that for you to purchase at sale price and no shipping cost. Then I'll contact you via Etsy. Please leave me your name in the contact message, so I know who to find at the Tat Days for personal delivery!

This offer is good for those who pay on Etsy. First Come, First Served.

It is not too late to go to this Tat Days if you haven't decided to go yet!
For all the information go here: Palmetto Tatters Tat Days 2011  but hurry..the time is getting close!

Thank You and I hope to see many of you there!
Any questions? Please ask  :o)


Mary said…
I watch them for a while in the store.They are lovely.
I want at least one, but I am from Europe and not to go to Palmetto Tatters Tat Days. Is there any possibility to buy?
Karrieann said…
Hi Mary... I am sending you an email, we can work something out!

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